Streaming Viewership, Personalized Ads, & Regional Targeting | Weekly Marketing News

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Streaming Viewership, Personalized Ads, & Regional Targeting | Weekly Marketing News

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There has been a lot to cover in marketing news this week. To make it easier for you to keep on top of the most important stories, we compiled this list of the top headlines that caught our attention. 

This week in digital marketing news, Innovid has released their 2020 Consumer Attitudes on Personalized Advertising report, which looks to analyze the new habits consumers have adopted this year. According to Stephanie Geno, their Senior VP of Marketing, “To adapt to the ‘Now Consumer,’ marketers need to approach personalization with a mindset that matches the time in strategy, tone, creative, and device.” The report found that 43% of consumers find it important that the ads they see are personalized to their particular regions, interests, and behavior. And with only 3% of US companies currently using omnichannel personalization, according to eMarketer, there is an opportunity for Marketers to be ahead of the curve in capturing consumers interested in a complete brand experience. 

In Connected TV news, an article by Digiday suggests ad revenue will continue to shift to streaming as viewership rises. One agency executive estimated that 25% to 30% of dollars committed in the upfront market will go to streaming, as compared to the 10% to 20% of previous years. And as linear continues to drop in popularity, that shift can only be expected to increase. Digiday found that even with more people watching TV at home than ever, linear has dropped 10-12% since the beginning of the pandemic. Marketers who haven’t taken note of this transition in consumer behavior will continue to lose out on capturing the audiences who increasingly spend their time streaming through CTV devices.

Here are some of the top marketing headlines that caught our eye this week. 


Marketers to focus ad spend on regional, digital media in 2020’s 2nd half – Fewer advertisers plan to cut media spending in the remainder of the year, but will be changing their priorities to reach the growing audiences for digital media.

43% of Consumers Say Digital Ads Should be Personalized – A new research study sheds light on the “Now Consumer,” as people continue to build new habits for how they socialize, shop, work, and respond to online advertising.

10 Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs an Overhaul – Not seeing results from your marketing campaigns? If you’re looking for a sign that your digital marketing could use a makeover, check out this list.

10 Major Issues Digital Marketing May Face in the Future – AdAge experts predict what significant issues the digital marketing sphere will likely encounter shortly, as well as how businesses can better prepare for these changes.


Ad revenue shifts to connected TV, social media and search engines – Traditional media will see a decline in ad spend, but most digital advertising channels will grow considerably in the second half of 2020. Here are the industries investors should consider to capitalize on the accelerating shift in ad spend to digital.

What does the acceleration of Connected TV mean for the ad industry?  – TV is arguably the most impactful advertising channel, but Covid-19 has accelerated the shift to Connected TV beyond anyone’s expectations.

Why Facebook Boycott Dollars Should Head To CTV – Facebook has largely weathered most of its criticism unscathed, but the dollars that power the Facebook engine and helped it overcome past public outcries have had enough of it.

Streaming advertising: Viewership has shifted and ad dollars are expected to follow – Streaming is no longer taking a backseat to traditional TV. While audiences for years have been shifting their attention from linear TV to streaming services, the TV advertising business has been slow to follow suit. That is changing this year. 

Connected TV Grabs The Moment – A lot of attention has been paid to connected premium TV viewing on smart TV sets – as well broader OTT [over the top] platforms.


9 campaigns that show how mobile marketers pivoted in the pandemic during H1 – The year’s best mobile campaigns so far came in the wake of the pandemic’s changes to the landscape, as marketers rushed to meet consumers in digital channels.

Three consumer trends impacting advertising in the reopening – The coronavirus pandemic continues to influence how consumers perceive and respond to advertising, and brands seek to effectively reach their audiences during this transition.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.