The Future of Roku, Empathetic Marketing, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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The Future of Roku, Empathetic Marketing, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There has been a lot of marketing news to keep track of this week – so we’ve compiled some of the headlines that caught our eye. Here is some of the news every marketer should be paying attention to in order to stay on top of industry trends.

In digital marketing news, many sources have been covering how the industry has changed over the past few months – and what marketers should be doing in order to stay on top of recent trends in consumer behavior. Search Engine People suggests a number of ways marketers can adjust to fit this new normal. One way is by employing an empathy-centric strategy, and shifting to authentic and engaging messaging in order to cut through the noise. ClickZ, on the other hand, believes that looking at the phases of the modern customer journey in terms of paths and locations will help marketers better appeal to consumers. For example, in the awareness stage, customers have entered the digital landscape but are not yet sure of all the places available which will suit their interests or needs. At this point, touchpoints like online ads and social media posts are the most likely to be effective. Thinking of digital marketing in this way can simplify things at a time when everything feels anything but.

In Connected TV marketing news, Roku is making headlines due to their recent rise in popularity amongst consumers and brands alike. Nasdaq believes Roku is one of the most interesting businesses to watch this year  – attributing Roku’s success to the two segments in which this company lives. By integrating both platform and player into their business, Roku is able to take advantage of both ad and software revenues. They also aren’t afraid of using their success as leverage. This week, Variety reported that Roku has been refusing to back down in recent talks with WarnerMedia and NBCU over the use of their streaming apps on Roku’s platform. 

Here are some of the headlines that have been making waves this week. 


How to Leverage Digital Marketing for B2B: Part One – Digital marketing is not only for the business-to-consumer crowd. Your B2B brand can leverage every single tactic B2C companies use.

How has COVID-19 Shifted Digital Marketing? – Dive into some of the most notable digital marketing shifts of 2020 that have occurred as a result of COVID-19, and whether we can expect these trends to stick around.  

The digital marketing landscape: Visualizing the 5 locations of today’s customer journey – If digital marketing is a landscape, why not think of the phases in the modern customer journey as regions, paths and locations? This visualization can help new marketers get a handle on this hard to reach space. 

How to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing: An Optimal Marketing Strategy – Traditional marketing still works – by combining traditional and digital marketing into a seamless marketing strategy you can optimize results and are more likely to reach or exceed your goals.


Roku: The Future Of TV Operating Systems (NASDAQ:ROKU) – Roku is extending its lead as the number one “over the top” TV streaming platform in the United States, as evidenced by its rapidly growing active accounts and streaming hours.

Why Roku Stock Is Headed Higher – There are still some buying opportunities out there, and Roku is one such company. It’s up around 10% over the last year, but it’s stock is headed higher.

Roku Has Become a Gatekeeper in Premium Streaming – In virtual deal talks over the past several months, Roku has so far refused to cede ground on deal terms to add WarnerMedia’s HBO Max and NBCU’s Peacock to its popular streaming platform.

OTT Ads Are an Opportunity for Established Retailers – For some established omnichannel and ecommerce retailers, streaming commercials can provide a level of audience targeting that is similar to social media advertising and search engine and affiliate marketing.


An eSporting Chance: The Mobile eSports Opportunity – The eSports market has seen rapid growth in recent years, as more people experience the fun and excitement of watching professional gamers compete against each other.

Mobile devices are crucial for back to school shopping – Technology has already changed the way consumers shop, but the current pandemic has really made an impact on back to school shopping this year – with mobile continuing to play a big role in the shopping process.

Mobile marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic – COVID-19 is changing the way students are learning, whether that’s in-person or at home, and has subsequently changed back to school shopping.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.