Trends to Watch, Super Bowl Sit-Outs, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Trends to Watch, Super Bowl Sit-Outs, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There was a lot to cover this week in marketing news—here are the headlines that caught our eye. 

No part of the marketing world changes more rapidly than digital marketing, which sometimes makes it difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Luckily, plenty of news sources covered the emerging technologies and strategies to watch out for in 2021. According to Social Media Today, marketers should be looking to incorporate more goodwill and purpose-driven missions into their campaigns. They note that at the heart of this strategy is the need for transparency––after all, it’s impossible for consumers to connect with brands that they see as untrustworthy. Connecting to customer’s interests will be essential to any brand looking to make an impact this year. 

Forbes also has recommendations for marketers looking to stay ahead of the curve. In their article 4 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021, they explore the advantages of utilizing top-quality video content in digital marketing campaigns. Ultimately, marketers who create engaging video content that accurately reflects their brand will find that there’s an audience for it. 

And in Connected TV news, some interesting updates have occurred when it comes to the rapidly approaching Super Bowl. During this event, advertisers usually dish out a hefty amount in order to get their ads in front of the 100+ million viewers that watch every year. But with Super Bowl ad inventory taking longer than ever to fill, and formerly repeat brands like Coca Cola and Hyundai choosing to sit out this year, it’s looking like this year may mark the beginning of a new era of TV advertising. This is especially true as many brands turn to Connected TV advertising, which might not have the same mystique as a traditional Super Bowl ad but allows for more accurate targeting of consumers. And as more and more Amercians cut the cord on their cable subscriptions, brands are definitely taking note of the shifting interests of consumers. 

Here is the rest of the marketing news that’s grabbed our attention this week.


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7 Digital Marketing Trends of Focus for 2021 – 2020 was unpredictable, to say the least. That meant that while some of the trends which were predicted pre-pandemic did end up coming to light, others didn’t emerge at all, with various forced adaptations reshaping elements of the marketing landscape.

4 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021 – No corner of the marketing world changes faster than digital marketing. As new technology arrives and old technology is pushed out, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the trends.

Programmatic digital display advertising is having an identity crisis – Advertisers, publishers, and their partners are now confronting changes to the infrastructure of platforms and devices that will have significant effects on how they do business. 


Advertisers: Is the Super Bowl Overrated? – With COVID-19 forcing advertisers to reevaluating what’s valuable––many shifting to prioritize performance-driven ad channels and e-commerce––are Super Bowl ads worth the current price tag?  

6 Months After Merger, Magnite Rebrands Its Ad Stack – Earlier this week, the ad-tech company began contacting clients and partners informing them that the former Telaria offering is now known as Magnite CTV, while Rubicon Project’s is to be known as Magnite DV+. 

How To Drive CTV Ad Growth: Sling TV’s Tint – Beet.TV – Advertising on connected TV has growth healthily lately, after a pandemic viewer surge combined with the maturation of the platform. But what will it take to sustain that growth?

Interesting Trends In Home Entertainment And TV – Since most people spent a lot of time in front of their TV sets last year (2020), a number of new trends have sprung up, while others were accelerated.  


Increase mobile game revenue with cross-platform functionality – To successfully launch a mobile game in an increasingly crowded market, you need to think beyond the app store. Learn how to go beyond traditional avenues to create community, improve discoverability, and scale your business.

Why Marketers Are Prioritizing In-App Notifications in 2021 – According to a survey by the cross-channel marketing platform Iterable, in-app and push notifications are primed for a jump in utilization in 2021, as marketers look for smarter ways to take advantage of the boost in mobile usage among consumers during the pandemic.

Mobile Ad Spends See 26% Growth in 2020: New Data From App Annie  – New data from App Annie on the growth of mobile platforms found that users spent a whopping $143 billion across app stores in 2020. The data suggest that app habits are not fully formed — demand for new apps and games is still growing.

Ad budgets hit hard in Q4 but prospects brighter for 2021: IPA Bellwether Report – Q4 2020 saw another sharp decline in advertising budgets, according to the Q4 2020 IPA Bellwether Report, released today.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.