MNTN Brings On 3 Tech Veterans as Part of Board Development

Mar 21, 2023 1 Min Read

MNTN has recently added three new members to its board of directors. These board members—Hadi Partovi, Grant Ries, and Joe B. Johnson—will be supporting MNTN during this period of rapid growth. “Each board member serves a very distinct role with a very distinct background. The way I do my board, it’s almost like I’m filling a specific job,” said MNTN CEO Mark Douglas.

Each new board member was chosen strategically based on their unique strengths and background. Ries, CEO and co-owner of technology company Deep Sync, was brought in due to his expertise in data, tech and SaaS, while Partovi was selected for his connections in the tech industry. Johnson’s 37 years of experience in the accounting profession also make him an invaluable addition to the board. Overall, the move is expected to help MNTN continue to grow and succeed in the industry.

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