MNTN CEO Mark Douglas on New Twitter CEO Speculation

MNTN CEO Mark Douglas on New Twitter CEO Speculation

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MNTN CEO Mark Douglas joined ‘Last Call’ on CNBC to talk through the recently speculated hiring of NBCU’s Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter. The discussion with CNBC’s Alex Sherman covered what this report could mean for the possible future of the social media company.

When asked what he thinks about this news, Alex Sherman said he believes the move would make a lot of sense, “She is very connected to the advertising community, and Twitter clearly has gone through quite a bit of struggles with the advertising community since Elon Musk bought Twitter.” 

However, Sherman doesn’t see this changing the broader strategy of Twitter, “Elon Musk still owns Twitter. It’s going to be his company. But you’re putting in now someone who has a long  track record with advertisers, from a legacy media business. So you have to wonder, will Twitter start to pick up some other video and legacy media-like traits as we go.”

Douglas, on the other hand, envisioned Twitter going in another direction, “You definitely want a revenue driving [advertising] executive. But I think I would have picked someone who’s ex-Facebook, like Caroline Everson who ran advertising at Facebook—ran a hundred billion dollar business at Facebook… So I think Linda’s a very very capable choice but it’s very hard to take a social network and build revenue without having that direct response background.”

For the rest of the discussion check out the video in the link below.

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