MNTN Introduces MNTN Matched: AI-Powered Precision Audience Targeting, Bringing 6x More Visits and 2x More Revenue Generated by TV Advertising

MNTN Introduces MNTN Matched: AI-Powered Precision Audience Targeting, Bringing 6x More Visits and 2x More Revenue Generated by TV Advertising

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LOS ANGELES–MNTN, the Hardest Working Software in Television and a trailblazer in Performance TV advertising, today announced the launch of MNTN Matched, a groundbreaking platform that transforms the way brands connect with their audiences on television. MNTN Matched offers first-of-its-kind targeting that matches individual consumers with brands and products they are most likely to engage with and buy.

MNTN is on a mission to bring the power of TV advertising to millions of small to midsize brands. For those with unique products and services, finding the right consumers becomes more challenging – traditional targeting just doesn’t cut it. MNTN Matched provides the solution by using a combination of generative AI and machine learning to match brands directly to consumers who are most likely to take action.

MNTN’s Chief Creative Officer, Ryan Reynolds, introduced MNTN Matched in a new video featuring Bulova, the innovative watchmaker who aired America’s first TV commercial in 1941. Today, Bulova is taking part in the next big thing in television advertising, MNTN Matched.

With MNTN Matched, advertisers can expect to achieve six times the number of visits to their brand and twice the revenue compared to traditional TV audience targeting methods. This innovative approach consistently delivers 2x higher the return on ad spend by leveraging AI to score and categorize consumers in 99% of US households. The result is highly predictive models that identify customers with the highest intent.

MNTN Matched introduces the industry’s most robust keyword-based audience builder for CTV, giving advertisers unprecedented control and transparency over which households see their ads. It also includes Generative AI features that create marketing profiles for a business, including suggested MNTN Matched keywords. These features enable brands to bring the precision of search and social media advertising to the television screen, establishing MNTN as a key component to a brand’s paid media strategy alongside platforms like Google and Meta.

“MNTN has moved beyond targeting with MNTN Matched,” said MNTN President and CEO Mark Douglas. “Early adopters of the feature, like Onewheel and HexClad, have shown their confidence by scaling their investment after seeing significant performance gains. What’s really exciting is that this tech, initially designed for small and midsize businesses, is now attracting much larger brands. They see the value and benefits, revolutionizing advertising not just for challenger brands, but for everyone.”

“We have a unique product in a new category, making it hard to find our audiences with traditional targeting. MNTN Matched has allowed us to discover and focus on our most valuable customers,” said Eric del Valle, VP of Ecommerce at Onewheel. “Since implementing MNTN Matched, our performance from the past 3 months has skyrocketed to 15x higher return on ad spend YoY. The customers exposed to Onewheel through MNTN commercials stay on our site over twice as long as those who come via other prospecting channels.”

As MNTN continues to innovate, MNTN Matched stands as a testament to its commitment to make TV advertising available to all brands from SMBs to Enterprise. Marketers now have the tools to reach their most valuable audiences with unprecedented accuracy, setting a new standard for CTV advertising.

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