Ryan Reynolds and Mark Douglas Win CNBC Stock Draft

Ryan Reynolds and Mark Douglas Win CNBC Stock Draft

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This week, Ryan Reynolds and MNTN CEO Mark Douglas joined ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss their CNBC stock draft win and the strategies behind their picks. The “MNTN GOAT” team picked two stocks for the draft, Netflix and Ford.

Reynolds acknowledged that picking Netflix was a bold move at the time, but he felt the brand was being undervalued despite it’s massive impact on the streaming industry. “Netflix literally created the category, and it had power that I think very few other brands have. I mean, it was a gateway to storytelling, and I think that the brand is creating real affinity out there.”

When asked about the Super Bowl ads we saw last weekend, Douglas pointed out that many brands chose to capitalize on nostalgia with their advertisements, “I think the thing was to bring back shows from ten or 20 years ago and then turn them into ads. So I think it was Pop Triangles—they did it on Breaking Bad. And then you had John Travolta singing and dancing. So that was kind of the theme…it was all about bring back the past and making it funny and in the moment.”

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