“I Don’t See Many Risks at the Moment” – MNTN CEO Mark Douglas on the Impact of Facebook’s Recent Scandals

“I Don’t See Many Risks at the Moment” – MNTN CEO Mark Douglas on the Impact of Facebook’s Recent Scandals

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Should Facebook be Worried?

MNTN CEO Mark Douglas recently joined ‘The Exchange’ on CNBC to discuss some of the major stories breaking in the digital world. When asked about the strength of Facebook’s core advertising after their recent scandals, Douglas said doesn’t expect a large shift in advertiser behavior, “There are literally millions of businesses dependent on Facebook to reach consumers, and those businesses are not going to stop spending with Facebook today. It’s going to take an actual impact to their [brand’s] business for that to happen…”

Part of the reason for this outlook is Facebook’s main benefit to brands, “The thing to remember is that Facebook doesn’t really sell ads. They match consumers, the people using their platform with the brands that want to deliver products to them,” explains Douglas. And while there are some competitors to Facebook’s dominance over the social media market, brands like Snapchat are still way behind, “when it comes to paid social, it’s nearly all Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat is definitely coming up, but it’s 84 billion dollars in revenue or more, compared to 2.5 billion for Snapchat.”

How Might the Apple Privacy Changes Come into Play?

With the news that Snap took a big hit due to the recent changes to Apple’s privacy changes, many are interested in whether this might become a long-term problem for Facebook as well. But Douglas doesn’t believe that this will be the case. “The Apple change… [is] not really a big problem for Facebook because you’re locked in to Facebook on your phone… and all these devices. So they’re not dependent on Apple to know who you are. Where it comes into play is knowing what you’re doing across devices, and maybe some of those devices you’re not allowed in. But it’s not a material issue for Facebook.”

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