Moving MNTN – “Mad Men and a Tech Platform All Wrapped in One”

Joanne Bradford, Chief Growth Officer of MNTN talks to Bloomberg about how the company is gearing up for growth and making CTV advertising accessible to all brands.

Moving MNTN – “Mad Men and a Tech Platform All Wrapped in One”

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Bring Advertising to Businesses of All Sizes

“Streaming TV is complicated to the world, but it really shouldn’t be. It should be as easy as buying a keyword,” explained Joanne Bradford, the newly appointed Chief Growth Officer at MNTN. During this interview, Bradford spoke in depth about the adtech company’s plans for expansion, and how it’s set to revolutionize the digital advertising industry.

“There’s a pressure to perform as a CMO and make your advertising dollars work. Everyone wants to be on streaming, but the barrier to entry is high – and we want to make that way easier for people. There’s no reason why any business shouldn’t run a streaming ad today. I’m excited to be working with the team and take on the creative challenge with Ryan Reynolds and the team.”

You Couldn’t Buy Performance Ads on Streaming TV, Until Now.

“We have to overcome the hurdle to get businesses to try it, because it works. They no longer have to spend a tonne on a giant ad campaign once a year – you can do it and manage it on the fly,” Bradford says. And, despite there being the option for viewers to subscribe to ad-free platforms, Bradford is optimistic that the advent of CTV advertising platforms like MNTN is going to fuel a new generation of creativity and subsequently have more viewers tuning into ad-supported platforms (FAST channels).

“We think this will drive creativity. Advertisers can make an ad, stream it and get it out on TV quickly. There’s no business that doesn’t want a TV ad. If you look at the companies out there today, the top companies in the world are in the ad business. There are way more platforms that will come and need to help marketers be more efficient.”

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