Ryan Reynolds on How MNTN and Maximum Effort Are Changing the Advertising World As We Know It.

Ryan Reynolds on How MNTN and Maximum Effort Are Changing the Advertising World As We Know It.

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Ryan Reynolds continues to prove that he is more than just a big screen actor. Last December, he and his Maximum Effort Team, along with the TV reach of advertising giant MNTN, turned around a viral ad within the span of a weekend. 

“I don’t think people believe it was created in 36 hours, but it was,” says Mark Douglas, Chief Executive Officer at MNTN. “I think it got six billion views in the next week, which is just insane, both on our platform, as well as it went viral.”

MNTN is a leader in advertising software that drives measurable conversions, revenue, site visits, and more. And this is all made possible through MNTN Performance TV, the first and only CTV advertising platform that is optimized for direct-response. In June 2021, MNTN acquired Maximum Effort Marketing, bringing in Reynolds as MNTN’s Chief Creative Officer and George Dewey as Chief Brand Officer. 

“Maximum Effort took a meeting with Mark Douglas through a connection we had with one of our key partners at Maximum Effort, James Toney III. We wanted to see how the MNTN platform works and how it operates in action. In weeks, we were already talking about merging. I think we all saw the potential of marrying MNTN’s disruptive way of placing TV ads with Maximum Effort’s disruptive way of making them,” says Reynolds about how MNTN and Maximum Effort got on each other’s radar. “Working with MNTN allows us to expand our creative connection with so many more people and have access to a tool that can quickly get these ideas and stories and content that we create into market without really cutting through all the red tape, which has historically been kind of a huge pain point, this upfront mentality of planning our ads six months in advance.”

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