Supply Chain Issues Can Affect All Marketers – MNTN CEO talks Snap Earnings Report with Cheddar

Oct 26, 2021 2 Min Read

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“The changes from Apple are having an effect on Snap’s ability to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns,” explained MNTN CEO Mark Douglas, who weighed in on Snap’s latest earnings report during an interview with Cheddar. Snap recently shared their third quarter earnings and then just hours later, Snap shares plummeted. “There are ways to adapt to Apple’s changes, so I think it’s an indication that Snap is behind on that adaptation.” 

Snap also cited strained supply chain and labor market issues as further reasons for their recent troubles. With the health of the companies they work with affected by the pandemic, Snap’s ability to run vast campaigns has been affected. “If companies don’t have products to sell, they are not going to spend as much money on marketing. And that is actually happening, so that could be a problem that continues really for all marketing services,” explained Douglas.

And What About the Snap User Base?

Another section of the Snap earnings report covered their user base, which hasn’t seen as much growth in recent years, “I think that’s been the big issue with Snap. They’ve been able to grow their revenue at a faster rate than they’ve been able to grow the number of consumers using Snapchat.” Douglas believes that these numbers do still look solid, but with all the competition they are facing from other rising social media platforms it will be hard to predict the future of their user base.

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