Discover How Unlocking Connected TV Can Drive Advertising Performance

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What This Session Is About

As the streaming revolution starts to feel more like a given and less like a phenomenon, brands are jumping on board to take advantage of all Connected TV has to offer. While savvy marketers have seen big returns on their CTV investments, others have yet to take the leap—in fact, many brands don’t even know that CTV can be the third pillar in a performance-based marketing strategy.

On July 27, our expert panel will discuss unlocking connected TV to drive advertising performance in the digital age. Audience members will learn where connected TV can fit in their marketing mix, how to leverage advertising to drive performance, and how to combine the experience of television with the urgency of targeting and re-targeting

Key Takeaways from this Discussion:

• Why CTV is a great fit for retail & e-commerce advertisers

• How you are leveraging CTV’s targeting and measurement in your strategy

• What adding CTV to your marketing mix has done for you (so far)

• How CTV complements (and enhances) other marketing efforts

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