Throw Out The Playbook: The TV Ad Has Changed Forever

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What This Session Is About

Ten years ago TV was a channel with limited targeting and measurement, only accessible to the biggest brands with the deepest pockets. 

Thanks to CTV, today’s TV ad is easier to use, achieving outcomes previously unimaginable, and available to everyone—including smaller and nimble performance-oriented brands. Now, these startups are forcing even the most seasoned advertisers to re-evaluate their strategies, as they blend branding and performance methodologies to stay competitive. 

Join Mark Douglas, President and CEO of MNTN, as he provides his unique perspective from years of experience leading the premier performance-driven CTV ad platform. Mark will discuss the importance of enhancing your performance strategy on TV, what ad strategies brands are using to navigate a radically changed landscape, and the lessons CMOs have shared with MNTN as they experiment with performance marketing strategies.

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