Why CTV Is The Brand-Safe Alternative To Digital Channels

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What This Session Is About

The internet has devolved into a bit of a hot mess over the last year and change. (OK, yes, a bit more of a hot mess than usual.) These collective bad vibes have fragmented audiences across the digital sphere, creating more than a few headaches for advertisers. Some of the marketing world’s all-time favorite digital channels are feeling less and less brand safe. 

TL;DR version: Everyone’s having a bad time. But what if there were a digital channel that has emerged unscathed from all of this chaos? It’s called connected TV, and, according to MNTN Director of Customer Success Brittany Haskins and Senior Customer Success Manager Breanna Johnson, it does everything your favorite digital channels do—just better.

Join Haskins, Johnson and Ad Age Studio 30 Editor John Dioso as they discuss how and why CTV is a brand-safe alternative to all your favorite digital platforms. This live virtual conversation will discuss:

  • Why this fully measurable performance channel allows brands to get surgical with their strategies, targeting hyper-specific audiences with unskippable, sound-on ads that are served exclusively on premium inventory.
  • Why an omnichannel approach is still a necessity.
  • How CTV is the perfect anchor for all of your marketing efforts.

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