The Connected TV Terminology Cheat Sheet for B2B Marketers

Connected TV is currently one of the fastest growing channels in advertising—and it’s not surprising. Connected TV ads are an effective way of reaching your target audience; they’re highly targeted, unskippable, trackable, brand-safe ads that are guaranteed to make an impact. Let’s set the record straight—this channel isn’t only relegated to B2C brands who have historically made up a large proportion of television advertisers. The doors are wide open for B2B brands to access Connected TV’s branding, performance and measurement bonafides, where digital meets the prestige of TV advertising.

As a B2B marketer, you know all too well that the industry is rife with jargon and technical acronyms, so let us do the legwork for you with this guide to the sometimes convoluted, ever-changing world of CTV, one term at a time. If you’re ready to start advertising on Connected TV, this is a great place to get to know us a bit better.