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43% of DTC CTV Advertisers Plan to Spend More in 2022

43% of DTC CTV Advertisers Plan to Spend More in 2022

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As we approach the end of the year, many direct-to-consumer brands are taking stock of what worked, and what needs to change for their upcoming 2022 advertising strategies. And according to a new study from Dynata, many of these DTC marketers are looking to add Connected TV to their marketing mixes. Their survey found that 10% of DTC marketers’ budgets will go to CTV platforms next year (with only 8% going to linear TV platforms). Some of these advertisers will be serving ads on this channel for the first time, but 43% are planning to increase their spend after this year’s results. 

This shift in ad spend is in line with recent changes to consumer behavior – earlier this year an Emerging Alliances report from Terlaria and Hulu found that DTC consumers are less interested in watching cable, and 25% made the decision to cut the cord in 2020. When it comes to streaming on the other hand, 85% reported watching shows and movies through Connected TV devices every week. And considering that 82% of these shoppers take action after seeing an ad on CTV, it comes as no surprise that DTC brands are taking notice of the personalization and targeted ad experiences that this channel offers to advertisers. 

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