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    Connected TV

    60% of CTV Inventory Will be Bought Programmatically in 2021

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    60% of CTV Inventory Will be Bought Programmatically in 2021

    2 Min Read

    Connected TV advertising has leapt in popularity in the last year, and is expected to continue that rise as marketers execute their strategies for 2021. This channel has a unique ability to reach homebound consumers; it combines the flexibility and targeting of digital marketing with the storytelling power of television. eMarketer reports that around 60% of CTV inventory is expected to be bought programmatically in 2021, making it clear marketers are embracing its digital advantages. The combination of digital precision and TV presentation makes CTV ad inventory especially valuable to any marketer looking to reach viewers as they sit at home and stream.

    This raises an important topic that marketers adding a Connected TV strategy to their plans should be aware of. While CTV can be a safe and effective ad channel, ad fraud scams like the recently uncovered “StreamScam” have made it clear that marketers should be thoughtful of how they approach it – especially when advertising programmatically. Marketers should be looking for CTV ad solutions that have safeguards against ad fraud. This includes not buying inventory on open exchanges, but instead maintaining direct deals with publishers and purchasing inventory through PMPs. By taking these precautions, marketers will be able to safely utilize programmatic advertising, and get their ads in front of the right customers on Connected TV.

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