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69% of Consumers Believe FAST Ads Are Higher Quality than Linear Ads

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69% of Consumers Believe FAST Ads Are Higher Quality than Linear Ads

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A growing percentage of those consumers who have been making the switch from linear to streaming are watching through free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST). And a new study from LG Ads Solutions reveals why viewers might be willing to switch from one ad-supported channel to another—76% of the consumers that surveyed found ad breaks on FAST channels shorter than those on linear TV. This is good news for advertisers, as the study also found that 57% of consumers are more likely to watch ads when they’re short.

LG Ads Solutions data also found that not only are ads shorter on FAST than linear, 69% of respondents felt FAST ads were of higher quality and more relevant to their interests. This sentiment also applies to the wider world of streaming, where 57% of American audiences feel the ads shown on streaming services and apps are more relevant than those on linear TV. Ultimately, it looks like the targeting capabilities of Connected TV advertising is a benefit for advertisers and consumers alike.

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