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85% of Broadband Households Use a Connected TV Device

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85% of Broadband Households Use a Connected TV Device

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This year has seen an influx of consumers adding streaming subscriptions to their TV watching line up, and a new report has revealed that growth is projected to remain strong. In a recent whitepaper, Parks Associates revealed that the number of U.S. CTV services subscriptions are projected to reach 277 million in 2026, a 20% increase over this year’s 230 million. And, perhaps even more importantly, consumers are actually using these subscriptions all the time to watch their favorite shows – 92% of those surveyed report watching streaming video at least weekly.

As more streamers add subscription services to their streaming lineup, the number of Connected TV devices each household owns has also increased. In their “Benchmarking the Connected Consumer” study, TDG found that 85% of broadband households now use a CTV device (up roughly 25% from 2015). Most households responded that their CTV device was located in the living room, with that number reaching 83% in 2021. And consumers are still adding Connected TV to their bedrooms as well – 50% of respondents reported that they added a CTV device to their master bedrooms and 28% to second bedrooms. Ultimately, this news is especially important for marketers who want to know that their video ads will be shown on the big screen: advertising on Connected TV significantly increases brand awareness and engagement, and consumers are significantly more likely to engage with ads shown on their TV than on their mobile devices.

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