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Americans are Watching More Streaming TV than Traditional Live TV

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Americans are Watching More Streaming TV than Traditional Live TV

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The number of Americans who stream TV content has just surpassed the number who watch live linear TV. According to Attest’s 2021 U.S. Media Consumption survey, 83% of consumers are watching their favorite shows through streaming, versus 81% through traditional TV. This data is backed up by a study from Hub, which found that 55% of consumers are more likely to turn to paid or free streaming services first, and only 39% turn first to linear. This is a huge jump over previous years, when pay-TV sources accounted for half of viewers’ total TV time. This year, that percent is down to around a third.

Younger viewers are the primary force behind this shift in watching behavior according to Hub. While every age group has seen a decline in time spent on linear, currently just 11% of viewers age 18 to 34 tune in first to traditional channels. These viewers are also behind the recent decline in Netflix’s position as the go-to streaming service. Instead, younger TV watchers are turning to free ad-supported streaming apps, which often have a lower price point and a wider array of content to watch. Ultimately, brands looking to take advantage of this demographic of consumers should be finding them where they are – on Connected TV.

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