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B2B Video Can Break Out of the Boring Mold on CTV

Connected TV offers an opportunity for B2B brands to leverage video marketing and achieve their goals

B2B Video Can Break Out of the Boring Mold on CTV

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Video may not be the obvious answer for B2B businesses, but more and more, savvy brands are turning to the TV screen. While developing and managing a TV strategy may seem like too much work, especially with a small team, Connected TV is enabling B2B brands to take back control of video advertising and achieve their performance goals.

Jeremy Bunya, Product Marketing Manager at QuickFrame by MNTN, joined MarTech to discuss how brands can take their B2B advertising from dull to dynamite. Not only did he share creative insights for brands looking to take the leap into video, but he also shared the best ways to distribute these video assets. Below are a few tidbits he shared during his presentation.

Marketers Understand the Value of Video, Even If They Aren’t Using It Yet

“Ok, there’s a lot of good news. So the good news is that 90% of marketers say that video in general has really helped them to generate lots of leads,” Bunya began. And while 87% of marketers say that video has helped them increase their sales, there is some not-so-good news too. Only 33% of B2B marketers specifically said that video was the most valuable content marketing type. It also didn’t rank high on the list as a new tactic for them to try. Thirty-nine percent of B2B marketers cited video as a new tactic they were planning to explore.

Bunya shared that at MNTN, we use the same spectrum of tools that any B2B marketer does. Search and social are an integral part of the marketing plan. However, MNTN is also (obviously) a big proponent of CTV. Through our testing, we’ve found that video creative doesn’t have to be stiff or boring.

Break Out of the Boring Creative Rut

“So why is B2B video so boring?” Bunya asked. “B2B videos need to deliver so much. They need to be clear, deliver concise information, sometimes technical information. Audiences, however, resonate with storytelling, emotions, and authenticity in their ads.” B2B brands can break out of the mold, foregoing the stuffy corporate video and opt instead for something more fun.

For many, having enough video creative and then managing the distribution of the video assets can feel challenging. Bunya shared that in a recent survey that MNTN ran with Advertising Week, respondents rated developing enough creative and managing creative asset deployment a 6.7 and 6.5 out of ten difficulty respectively. Bunya noted that there are some easy solutions for B2B marketers to help avoid these pitfalls.

Creating Videos That Convert Is Easier Than You May Think

“QuickFrame is actually another easy option to get videos that convert on a B2B budget,” Bunya explained. “And these are budgets that you can afford and actually get great return on ad spend. QuickFrame is a marketplace of creators from all over that have expertise in over 40 production styles.” QuickFrame gives B2B brands access to B2B creative experts who can capture the message and voice of their brand, without the high creative agency premiums. This also allows brands to budget for various versions to A/B test or for creative refreshes.

Bunya shared a few B2B tips from QuickFrame creators:

  • Craft a story: Recognize your audience’s pain points, casting them as the main character and your product or service as the tool to help them overcome
  • Stir emotion: B2B buyers are seeking utility, need, and perceived value; focus on these rather than B2C tactics like fear/ pleasure
  • Limit the buzzwords: Learn the terms your customers use and limit buzzwords to these terms

He also advised that marketers explore new types of video to avoid falling into the boring trap. A few that he outlined were:

  • Explainers: These digestible videos creatively explain information about a brand or product. This format is particularly suited for B2B brands with intangible products like a service or app.
  • Testimonials: Leverage your customers to sell for you. This works because their stories validate your brand, authentically showing the confidence others have in a product or service.
  • Product Demos: Demos show off exactly what you’re selling by presenting it “in-use.” Engaging B2B product demos can accelerate competitive differentiation if you’re willing to take risks.

Watch the Full Webinar

With the growth of Connected TV solutions and options for creative that don’t break the bank, B2B brands should be jumping on board, like their B2C counterparts. B2B brands that are willing to break away from the crowd and develop interesting creative can easily distribute and test with CTV platforms. To learn more about making the most of CTV for your B2B brand, be sure to watch the full webinar here.