Comparing Notes: Current Advertiser Strategies

Insight into the “how” and “why” of the campaigns launching now, and what you can do too

Comparing Notes: Current Advertiser Strategies

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These are uncertain times for advertisers. The most common thing we’re hearing from both brands and agencies is: what is everyone else doing? Advertisers everywhere are comparing notes and looking for the best path forward, which is why we’ve decided to launch a semi-regular report detailing how some of our most successful advertisers are handling the current ad climate. 

They’re not holding back, or taking a wait-and-see approach﹣they’re taking bold steps to capture more revenue at a time when it’s never been more necessary. The stories below detail advertisers who have assessed the current situation, measured their strengths and resources, and pivoted toward advertising that can make an impact right now.

All brand names are removed, all proprietary info is censored. All that’s left is your next campaign’s inspiration.

The Campaign: Proper Eyewear

This leading eyeglass retailer had considered launching a Connected TV campaign at the beginning of the year, but needed to solve for some challenges before getting started: creative assets and the right messaging. 

MNTN positioned this month as a solid time to launch given the uptick in Connected TV consumption; streaming viewership is up over 60% due to more people staying home in light of the current circumstances. The brand was onboard with the timing, and decided on ad creative messaging that positioned them as a health necessity (proper eyewear), and less of a fashion statement. The campaign is set to launch shortly.

The Analysis: Get Started on Connected TV

This campaign is a good move for a number of reasons. Not only are people staying home and streaming, they’re shopping online more as well. That sets the stage for advertisers to get the most out of Connected TV advertising. And by crafting a message that backs away from aesthetics, and focuses more on function, the campaign aligns well with the current climate. 

This brand is adhering to a couple of the best practices outlined in our COVID-19 Ad Readiness Guide: they’re mindful of their message, and they’re looking for performance opportunities on Connected TV. Advertisers are assessing which channels can deliver the best return on investment, and Connected TV has proven itself time and again as a solid performance channel.

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The Campaign: Get Your Rest

A leading online mattress retailer increased their budget because, as they see it, more people are staying home and resting. They’re currently developing a COVID-19 related Connected TV commercial to help spread their message of staying home and taking care of oneself with a good night’s sleep. They are supporting the campaign with a strong budget to maximize their reach among users who are likely to convert.

The Analysis: Adapt Your Message

This brand runs campaigns on Connected TV normally, and by increasing their budget on that channel they’re leveraging the uptick in Connected TV viewing. Based on their previous campaign success, they knew ads on streaming TV capture user attention and bring them to their website. As a MNTN Performance TV customer, they’ve been able to leverage audience segments to find their ideal shopper profiles, and serve them ads that drive conversions.

Again this is an example of a brand leaning into the moment with their ad creative. They found the selling point of their product that aligns with guidance coming from public and medical officials, and made it their focus.

The Campaign: A Charitable Cause

A leading luxury ecommerce brand is mobilizing their Connected TV ad strategy to help share their charity message. For the month of April, this advertiser is pivoting their ad creative to promote their partnership with a charity that is positioned to help children during the COVID-19 crisis. The ad creative will feature messaging informing the audience that a portion of all proceeds will go directly to the children’s charity.

The Analysis: Highlight the Good

This is another great example of adapting creative messaging to the moment. Any sort of partnership with a charitable cause is a great thing to highlight; not only does it help your charity partner, but also helps your audience. People want to help in any way they can during times like these, and knowing their purchase is helping a charity carry out their mission can make for an uplifting experience. It’s a small act of kindness that can help people in need, and you can unlock that experience for your audience as they shop.

Get Inspired, Get Advertising

If you’re one of those advertisers who isn’t sure how to proceed, now’s not the time to sit back and wait. There’s plenty to do right now – take inventory of your campaigns, see what needs to be adjusted, and look for opportunities to strengthen your brand message for the current times. These brands did just that and now they’re positioned with fresh campaigns on Connected TV that align with the current climate. 

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