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Large Retailer Geo-Targets Valuable In-Market Audiences Across the US with MNTN Performance TV

This leading retailer builds innovative and award-winning performance products for all types of outdoor and work environments. They turned to MNTN Performance TV to drive measurable revenue both online and at key locations.




Cost Per Visit


Visit Rate


Increase Conversions & Drive Revenue

With the goal of improving sales for their line of seasonal products during a critical time of year, this leading retailer needed to get the most out of their limited branding budget. They decided to look for a new ad channel that they could spend branding dollars on to drive measurable revenue, and boost sales both online and in-store for specific brick and mortar locations.  


Performance TV

The industry leader turned to MNTN Performance TV to not only reach a national audience, but help them reach in-market viewers across specific DMAs. Thanks to its targeting capabilities, Performance TV enabled them to geo-target viewers in cities and regions where they had stores. These DMAs were all served unique, store-specific creative to help drive traffic. By building their audiences using MNTN’s integration with LiveRamp and other trusted data providers, they were able to precision target users who qualified as in-market, ensuring the ads would reach people who would likely convert. They also launched a national campaign with a gifting message to encourage viewers to buy online, allowing them to reach shoppers who couldn’t visit a brick and mortar location.

As all the Connected TV advertising campaigns progressed, Performance TV began auto optimizing thousands of times a day, driving ad spend to where it would be best spent. The results were tracked and reported on with full cross-device mapping thanks to Verified Visits, which tracks any user visits to the advertiser’s site in a window of time defined by them — giving them total control over their attribution.

The Results

Strong DMA Performance

MNTN Performance TV drove strong results for the leading retailer nationally as well as across each DMA. The campaigns were able to drive significant impact at the local level and delivered an impressive ROAS of roughly 3X across multiple mid-market sized cities. Site visits were also strong, with targeted cities and areas delivering a 2%+ visit rate and a lift in conversions and revenue. 

The online-only campaign also delivered strong performance, with over a 13X ROAS and 4%+ site visit rate. MNTN Performance TV proved to be a complete success for this leading retailer, and enabled them to transform their ad dollars into spend that delivered a measurable addition to their bottom line.

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Craig Swapp & Associates

Craig Swapp & Associates is a personal injury and accidents law firm with locations throughout the U.S. Focused on growing their share of voice, Marketing Director Jeremy Hendricks wanted a fresh way to efficiently drive traffic to their website to create more qualified leads, resulting in a higher number of closed cases. It wasn’t just about producing meaningful performance, though; he was also looking for an advertising solution that was as quick and nimble as the law firm itself. MNTN Performance TV’s flexible and easily scalable platform proved to be just what Hendricks needed to market to multiple locales and generate impressive results for Craig Swapp & Associates.

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University of North Texas

As one of the nation’s largest public universities, the University of North Texas (UNT) offers 114 bachelor’s, 97 master’s, and 39 doctoral degree programs. With a mission to empower students to thrive in a rapidly changing world, UNT has worked hard to create an inclusive campus that meets the needs of an array of higher ed attendees — from undergrads to doctoral candidates, and from international students to those outside of the traditional four-year path. With so many different programs to offer to a variety of students, UNT was looking for an advertising channel that was flexible, yet highly effective and could consistently maximize return on investment (ROI). Due to its ability to reach a wide range of audiences and its high level of measurability, Connected TV (CTV) proved to be just what UNT needed. Heading into a pivotal time of year — back-to-school — they used MNTN Performance TV to target their ideal audiences on CTV and drive website engagement, resulting in the growth of key conversion metrics.

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Advertising a unique product or a new category can be one of the toughest challenges for any marketer. Take Onewheel, for example. They’ve created a groundbreaking single-wheel electric skateboard that everyone loves once they see it, but it’s not something people know to look for. That’s where the challenge lies – how do you reach those potential customers? Traditional audience targeting just doesn’t cut it for products that break the mold. At MNTN, we’re all about helping these disruptor brands connect with the right people. We built MNTN Matched to do just that. By leveraging diverse data sources and advanced predictive models, we can pinpoint the consumers most likely to fall in love with innovative products like Onewheel. With MNTN Matched, Onewheel found their ideal audience, leading to significant revenue growth and record-breaking returns on ad spend (ROAS).

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Anova specializes in smart kitchen appliances designed for home cooking. On a mission to change the way the world cooks by democratizing high-end, professional cooking techniques, they offer products ranging from sous vide cookers to precision ovens. As a pioneer in the kitchen device industry, Anova was looking for an equally innovative advertising platform. They wanted a solution that would enable them to tell their unique brand story while producing top-notch performance. Heading into summertime — one of their busiest seasons, including one of their most fruitful holidays, Father’s Day — they turned to MNTN Performance TV with Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS) to produce results on Connected TV (CTV).

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Mountain Mike's Pizza

After 45 years in business, and with nearly 300 restaurants in the western United States, Mountain Mike’s Pizza still only uses the freshest ingredients. So it’s no wonder that, when the pandemic hit and takeout became essential for any quick-service restaurant, the pizza brand began shifting their budget to fresh digital channels. They turned to MNTN Performance TV, which helped them tell their story on Connected TV, achieve their revenue goals, and expand into new markets despite the tumultuous time.

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Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers is a female-founded ecommerce flower company that ships bouquets, vases, single variety arrangements, plants, and more to recipients across the U.S. Leading with the motto “you order, we pick, they’re happy” and wrapping each bouquet with their signature upcycled burlap sacks, Farmgirl Flowers strives to make every order “just as unique as the recipient.” With a fresh take on the deep-rooted (pun intended) floral industry, Farmgirl Flowers wanted to push boundaries on the advertising front, as well. They’d seen success on traditional digital channels like paid social media and paid search, but they were excited to try something new. Connected TV’s (CTV) performance-first capabilities — like precision audience targeting and detailed reporting — made the channel a natural new addition to Farmgirl Flowers’ marketing mix. To support in launching CTV, they were looking for an easy-to-use advertising platform that would help them to reach new and existing audiences, while capitalizing on major seasonal moments like Mother’s Day. MNTN Performance TV plus Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS) proved to be just what Farmgirl Flowers needed to produce meaningful, long-term performance.

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Chamber Media

Jaquish Biomedical is a research and development group that applies new findings in human physiology to physical medicine and rehabilitation device design. With the anniversary sale of Jaquish Biomedical’s revolutionary variable resistance home gym system — the X3 Bar  — approaching, they looked to their agency, Chamber Media. As a direct-to-consumer growth and video specialist, Chamber Media was looking for an advertising solution that was as innovative and results-oriented as Jaquish Biomedical. Taking a data-driven, strategic approach to advertising, Chamber Media wanted to activate Connected TV (CTV) to produce the best possible performance for the event. MNTN Performance TV was just what the agency needed to drive meaningful business for Jaquish Biomedical before, during, and after the sale.

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Cinergy Entertainment Group, Inc. operates nine luxury Family Cinema Entertainment Centers  across the U.S. But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill movie theaters — many locations also feature a unique selection of interactive games and activities like bowling, axe-throwing, laser tag, and escape rooms. With multiple locations to promote, Cinergy’s strategic marketing agency FilmFrog needed a fresh advertising channel that could deliver a high return on investment. In the wake of several industry challenges including the recent strikes in Hollywood, FilmFrog wanted to significantly boost Cinergy’s business and increase overall attendance by attracting as many in-market visitors as possible — to experience not only Cinergy’s cinemas, but also their other exciting offerings. Eager to test the powerful performance capabilities of Connected TV (CTV), FilmFrog needed an advertising platform that was easy-to-use and would provide them with transparent measurement and precision audience targeting, all at an efficient cost. MNTN proved to be just the CTV partner to produce meaningful results for FilmFrog and Cinergy heading into one of the most anticipated movie weekends of the year — Barbenheimer — and beyond.  

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A global creative media agency had a specific challenge to address — sell tickets for a large-scale rock concert. Sounds fairly straightforward, right? Not exactly. The event wasn’t being hosted by a large venue, or a musician, or even a sports team. Instead, it was sponsored by one of the agency’s high-profile power-sports clients. With this in mind, the agency knew they needed an effective way to reach consumers outside of their client’s typical audience. Paid social and search efforts were starting to plateau, and they wanted a targeted new advertising solution that could drive ticket sales for the event. Looking for a performance channel that would produce meaningful results, they gave Connected TV (CTV) a try. With MNTN Performance TV, the agency was able to help their power-sports customer to exceed campaign goals — for the concert and beyond.

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Ancient Nutrition

Ancient Nutrition is a whole food supplements company focused on making powerful superfoods accessible to everyone. In a very competitive industry, they needed a way to drive high-intent consumers — those with a strong likelihood of converting — to their website. Eager to try a new channel, Ancient Nutrition looked to Connected TV (CTV) and found the right advertising solution in MNTN Performance TV. At a pivotal seasonal moment when many consumers want products that support a healthy lifestyle — the end of Q4 and into Q1 — they relied on MNTN to ramp up their revenue. Then, in the new year, Ancient Nutrition turned to Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS) to gain professionally-produced TV ads at no additional cost and take advantage of an opportunity to reinvest some of their creative dollars back into hardworking media. Together, Performance TV and CaaS enabled them to scale and deliver significantly more revenue with the same marketing budget.

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Online and mobile therapy provider Talkspace wanted to elevate their advertising by employing Connected TV (CTV). They needed an advertising solution that would give them speed and flexibility, while avoiding some of the potential pitfalls of programmatic advertising, like fraud. Talkspace also was looking for a platform that would enable their in-house team to ramp up quickly, with more control over the ad creative development process, and access to faster data and deeper insights, all while achieving fully measurable performance outcomes. MNTN Performance TV paired with Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS) proved to be just what they were looking for.

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Non-Profit Organization

This non-profit organization needed a way to drive donations and acquire new donors, while continually increasing brand recognition. Ready to try a new advertising channel, they turned to MNTN to help them venture into the Connected TV (CTV) space. With MNTN Performance TV, the non-profit was able to efficiently produce meaningful results. In fact, within months of launching their first campaign, they exceeded their cost per acquisition (CPA) by 32%. After running advertisements on CTV for two-plus years, the non-profit was ready to level up — they were consistently achieving their performance goals, but wanted to surpass them. MNTN’s Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS) proved to be the perfect solution.

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ATTN is a full-funnel, creative-led growth and performance agency based in San Diego. Their unique approach to digital marketing balances fueling clients’ brand growth and building brand loyalty with a focus on performance KPIs. They achieve this by bridging creative and digital strategy and tactical execution.

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MISA Los Angeles

MISA Los Angeles, a high fashion brand known for their handmade pieces, was looking to expand their marketing efforts into Connected TV (CTV). After working with MNTN on a successful campaign for a number of other brands, their agency, Maison MRKT, suggested MISA turn to MNTN Performance TV to help achieve their aggressive advertising goals.

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Articulate Solutions

Gilroy Gardens is a family theme park with more than 40 rides and attractions, and over 10,000 trees (yes, you read that right — 10k!). With one of their busiest times of the year coming up — Halloween — they wanted to promote their special seasonal events with audiences they hadn’t previously reached. In collaboration with creative agency Articulate Solutions, Gilroy Gardens launched a new performance channel — Connected TV (CTV) — to boost ticket sales and decrease cost per visit (CPV). Using MNTN Performance TV paired with an audience-based advertising strategy, they produced impressive campaign results — for the Halloween season and all seasons. 

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Guesty’s advanced technology optimizes, automates, and streamlines every aspect of managing a hospitality business, all from one platform. When the results of their search and social campaigns began to plateau, they needed to activate an additional channel to drive qualified traffic and lead generation. Using MNTN Performance TV, Guesty got that channel with performance-optimized Connected TV (CTV).

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Tuckernuck, an omni-channel lifestyle retail brand that sells classic yet unique apparel and gifts, needed a scalable advertising channel that they could rely on to drive significant performance during the peak holiday season. In partnership with digital marketing agency El Toro Interactive, they turned to MNTN Performance TV to take their advertising efforts to the next level. Using a strong, holiday-focused CTV strategy, Tuckernuck was not only able to successfully grow key metrics throughout this season, but they saw lasting effects from their 2022 Q4 campaigns.

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National University

National University is a leading online higher education provider and San Diego’s largest private non-profit university. For over 50 years, they’ve been on a mission to break barriers in education and build a better future for their 41,000 students, 3,300 employees, and 200,000+ alumni worldwide.

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SpotOn Fence

SpotOn Fence is a pet containment & technology company that enables pet owners to create GPS dog fences of any size, almost anywhere. They wanted a Connected TV (CTV) advertising solution that could help them grow—and MNTN Performance TV was the perfect fit. With MNTN, SpotOn built an audience and creative strategy that allowed them to focus on seasonal pushes while staying consistent year-round to ensure durable growth.

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Pluralsight is trusted by 70% of the Fortune 500 to provide employees with courses and learning paths to develop technical and business-critical skills. But they were wrestling with a difficult challenge—how to improve inbound leads and generate more valuable demand for a mature B2B software company in a time of economic uncertainty? The Pluralsight team knew that their current marketing mix—a combination of traditional demand-generation channels like paid search and social and regular closed-lost analysis—simply wasn’t cutting it. To build a sustainable growth engine, they needed to get in front of more buyers earlier, to make it easier to guide them down the funnel, and, when they were ready to purchase, ultimately convert. With MNTN Performance TV, Pluralsight was able to use performance-optimized Connected TV (CTV) advertising to do just that.

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The Travel Corporation

The Travel Corporation (TTC) is a family-run, multinational company comprising multiple businesses with a commitment to “making travel matter.” They were looking for a way to drive performance for two of their most popular brands, Contiki and Trafalgar. With travel ramping up as summer approached, TTC wanted to explore different ways of engaging consumers by utilizing a new advertising channel in the U.S. Connected TV (CTV) appealed to them, but the last advertising platform they used lacked detailed reporting, making it difficult to accurately measure performance. Instead, TTC found the solution they needed in MNTN Performance TV, which enabled them to seamlessly launch multiple CTV campaigns for three different brands. Additionally, MNTN’s comprehensive measurement and reporting tools allowed them to see the true impact of their advertising efforts.

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Hooray Heroes

Hooray Heroes creates personalized books for kids, adults and pets—in a few simple steps, customers can create illustrated stories featuring their loved ones (we’re not crying, you’re crying). Serving the entire U.S., they were challenged with advertising to a variety of markets and potential customers. For years, Hooray Heroes had primarily leveraged social media to do this, but when one of their frequently used social platforms started to diminish in return, they began searching for an alternative solution. With one of their most profitable holidays—Father’s Day—just around the corner, Hooray Heroes needed a powerful advertising channel that would replace some of their waning social media efforts. Because of its similar capabilities to other digital channels and its proven ability to drive performance, Connected TV (CTV) was an obvious choice. To ensure top CTV campaign results, Hooray Heroes turned to MNTN Performance TV.

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Houston Hyundai Auto Group

Houston Hyundai Auto Group is made up of three car dealerships—North Freeway Hyundai, Baytown Hyundai and Humble Hyundai. With multiple locations to market, Digital Strategist John Watts needed to generate new business and drive quality traffic to the dealerships’ websites. He had experimented with Connected TV (CTV) advertising before and liked that it allowed them to reach potential customers across various streaming networks. However, he found it difficult to measure campaign success. As a one-person show, Watts wanted a platform that would produce meaningful results while ensuring efficient use of his time. MNTN Performance TV offered Watts a powerful CTV ad solution with superior ease of use. And, Performance TV produced an unexpected benefit—it helped to strengthen the auto group’s other marketing efforts.

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Junk King

Junk King is a Bay Area based eco-friendly junk removal company who services the majority of the U.S. and parts of Canada via 100+ franchise stores across North America. They needed an advertising solution that would enable them to geo-target potential customers and produce high quality leads. The junk removal company had a strong display advertising strategy in place, but wanted a way to disseminate their message on a larger scale. MNTN Performance TV enabled Junk King and all its franchise stores to use a unified platform to run their first national advertising campaign on a new channel—Connected TV (CTV).

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Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist offers a unique social experience where customers can unwind over their favorite beverages while painting step-by-step along with artist-entertainers. With 220+ locations around the U.S., they needed an advertising solution that would allow them to get hyper-local with audience targeting. Painting with a Twist also wanted to explore a new ad channel that would increase the number of returning guest reservations and drive new business—Connected TV (CTV) proved to be the right fit for their needs. Through partnering with MNTN, they were able to launch multiple concurrent CTV campaigns that produced top performance results.

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Virtual Healthcare Service

Since its inception, this virtual healthcare service set out to disrupt the space. With the goal of making healthcare more accessible, they developed a fully digital customer experience—via this service’s website consumers can easily request various medications and get them sent straight to their doorstep. The healthcare service’s advertising had focused on paid social media and linear television, though they started to see performance plateau. That’s when they decided to diversify their marketing mix. The healthcare service was eager to test Connected TV (CTV) as a performance channel to reach and convert new customers. MNTN enabled the healthcare provider to reduce their dependence on paid social and achieve their performance goals.

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Direct-to-Consumer Lingerie Brand

In order to keep business moving during the pandemic, this DTC (direct-to-consumer) Lingerie Brand doubled down on lower-funnel initiatives. While the strategy worked initially, returns soon diminished. This prompted a search for an advertising solution that would attract new customers while maintaining profitable ROAS (return on advertising spend). Alternatives, that included linear television and YouTube, had fallen short of expectations. With MNTN, on the other hand, the retailer successfully turned Connected TV (CTV) into the strong performance channel they were looking for.

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Popular Pet Store Supplies Retailer

This popular pet supplies retailer has advertised on traditional and Connected TV (CTV) for years. Having experienced success via these channels, the retailer wanted to see if they could augment their top-of-funnel TV efforts with a performance element. To achieve this goal, the retailer needed a solution that offered the speed, precision and flexibility of digital advertising channels like paid social and display. They also wanted a platform that could accurately measure which audiences had the highest engagement and converted the most. MNTN Performance TV provided the advertiser and their agency the software they needed to transform CTV into a scalable performance channel.

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United States Flag Store

In preparation for their most profitable time of year, the United States Flag Store wanted to find an advertising channel that would significantly drive growth. Having advertised primarily via Google Ads, the American flags and flagpoles retailer searched for a comparable lead acquisition source that would give them more control over their campaigns and for a lower cost—Connected TV (CTV) proved the right solution. The United States Flag Store turned to MNTN Performance TV for support in launching this new performance channel.

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Biz2Credit, an online financing platform for small businesses, was looking to empower business owners and had the perfect place to start: MNTN Performance TV. With Performance TV, they were able to not only reach new potential customers through prospecting and stay top of mind with retargeting, but also use their CRM to reach this key audience on the TV screen.

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Commerce Checkout Platform

This commerce checkout platform didn’t want to launch on TV with just any creative. They turned to MNTN’s Creative-as-a-Subscription for breakthrough storytelling, while optimizing their entire approach–and budget–towards driving their business forward.

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Premier Jewelry Retailer

Having cultivated a strong presence on linear television, this premier jewelry retailer was no stranger to TV advertising. However, with a thorough understanding of the increasing popularity of Connected TV (CTV), the retailer wanted to target consumers on their favorite streaming services. The jewelry retailer turned to MNTN Performance TV to reach new customers and increase business throughout Q4 of 2021.

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Recruiting & Career Platform

The largest platform for technology professionals to advance their careers wanted to stay true to its name and continue to build and grow their business. They were looking to reach both their B2C and B2B audiences efficiently, with clear performance targets in mind–from CPV to CPA. Performance TV allowed them to easily manage their various initiatives, hit and exceed their performance goals, and dig into the details that matter with the easy-to-use reporting dashboard.

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Princess Polly

Princess Polly was looking for a way to maximize their ad spend during the holiday season. They were seeing diminishing returns from other performance channels thanks to the evolving data landscape. Connected TV, specifically MNTN’s Performance TV, offered an opportunity to share their message and accurately reach their various targets across the sales funnel and align with their holiday goals.

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Campspot, a premier travel booking site for campgrounds, RV resorts, glamping and more, was faced with the challenge of building brand awareness in the lead up to the peak summer campaign season. They were also being held to performance goals from a ROAS perspective, and weren’t seeing the lift that they expected on other channels. The brand was open to different inroads to tapping into their ideal audience, and partnered with MNTN Performance TV as a new and measurable way to get their ads in front of fresh eyes.

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Northline Express

Northline Express was looking for a net-new performance channel that could drive conversions at scale while matching the efficiency of their existing retargeting efforts. They turned to Performance TV to launch a CTV retargeting campaign that would not only maximize their return on ad spend, but allow them to deliver TV ads that left an impression on their audience.

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The marketing team at DECKED spent time building detailed personas for two key audiences — Truck Owners & Enthusiasts, and Construction Workers & Contractors. Once each audience’s set of affinities, purchase histories, and behaviors were defined, they set out to run an A/B test designed to discover which audience would visit their site and convert after watching their CTV ads. The brand turned to MNTN Performance TV to effectively build and test both of their detailed audiences — allowing them to focus their efforts on learning effectively and driving results.

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Rumpl was looking for an ad solution to help drive new customer acquisition and wanted to test Connected TV as a high-impact channel. With Performance TV, the results far exceeded their expectations and Rumpl decided to deepen their relationship with MNTN and opt into the Creative-as-a-Subscription opportunity.

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Watch Brand

By specifically tailoring their creative and targeting strategies to align with Father’s Day, a major watch brand maximized the effectiveness of their MNTN Performance TV campaigns during an opportune seasonal moment.

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Replacements turned to MNTN and Creative-as-a-Subscription to streamline creative production and deliver fresh, relevant messaging to increase site traffic and drive incremental revenue.

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Commercial Real Estate Agency

This commercial real estate agency was looking to diversify their marketing channels and drive performance on a new medium. With MNTN Performance TV, they were able to activate on a previously unavailable screen to drive more qualified leads, all at a lower cost-per-acquisition than targeted.

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Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks chose MNTN Performance TV because it would allow them to effectively target the right audiences with their narrative-driven, timely creative strategy and transform premium television into a revenue-driving channel. 

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Reeds Jewelers

By refreshing their Performance TV creatives in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, Reeds Jewelers showcased how brands can effectively use MNTN Performance TV to take advantage of seasonality and drive better results for their evergreen efforts.

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National Business Furniture

By shifting their investment from display to MNTN Performance TV, National Business Furniture not only discovered their most effective performance channel—they improved the effectiveness of their entire marketing program.

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Leading email and SMS marketing platform Klaviyo was looking for a way to increase site traffic, with the ultimate goal of parlaying the increase in qualified visitors into more demos. They turned to MNTN Performance TV to help them reach the right audience, and motivate those viewers to visit and convert.

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Popular Dating Platform

This leading dating platform wanted to add a new performance channel that could generate direct-response results in line with their paid search and social efforts. They turned to MNTN to drive measurable performance, while also delivering higher-level brand awareness and perception messaging via television.

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It’s rare when you see an ad tech brand feature itself in a case study. Is that because it can come off a little self-aggrandizing? Maybe. But this story perfectly illustrates why Performance TV is an effective piece of B2B marketers’ media strategy (and also, it’s just too good not to share). So, we’re going to do it anyway.   This leading Connected TV ad tech firm (that’s us) was looking to reach a B2B audience and drive qualified users to our site. We leveraged two of the most effective means of capturing prospects’ attention available to advertisers today: Performance TV, and the star power of our Chief Creative Officer, Ryan Reynolds. Turns out, one is far more effective than the other. 

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On-Demand Fitness Platform

This leading gym and fitness brand developed CTV ad creative with user-generated content sourced from their social channels, then launched their Performance TV prospecting campaign to generate impressive new site traffic at an efficient cost per visit.

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Dagne Dover

As a company that prides itself on “making bags for humans getting the most out of life,” Dagne Dover needed campaign performance that would get the most out of their budget. They turned to Performance TV retargeting to drive direct-response conversions and revenue.

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Lighting New York

MNTN Performance TV retargeting allowed them to elevate their campaign performance beyond what display-only retargeting could offer by serving viewers high-quality video ads on Connected TV, and also reaching those same viewers across web and mobile with dynamic MNTN Muli-Touch ads—all from a single campaign.

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Bicycle Retailer

This leading premium pre-owned bike retailer expanded their digital advertising repertoire with MNTN Performance TV to drive measurable performance.

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Wine & Spirits

The holidays can be a hectic time, which is why this leading wine & spirits retailer wanted to raise awareness around their pick-up and delivery options during the busy festive season. They turned to Performance TV to reach the right audience, spread their message, and drive shoppers through the marketing funnel.

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Home Supplies

Looking to expand on their existing lower-funnel efforts, this leader in home supply added Performance TV Retargeting to their media mix. Leveraging all the targeting and measurement capabilities of display retargeting, combined with an HD ad format served on television, Performance TV delivered better results vs. display retargeting.

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This brick and mortar restaurant has a cult following for their Chicago-style hot dogs. Looking to harness the power of direct response marketing and the reach of TV advertising, they turned to Performance TV to help them achieve measurable results.

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Auto Parts Retailer

This leading automotive aftermarket parts provider serves both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, and was looking for a new way to raise brand awareness and motivate customers to visit in-store or online. They turned to MNTN Performance TV to reach viewers in a place they hadn’t previously – on Connected TV.

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Subscription Box Service

On a mission to revolutionize the entertainment industry by challenging conventional storytelling, this subscription service gives people the chance to solve a murder mystery using high-quality, hand crafted clues that are shipped right to their front door. They turned to Performance TV to help them drive conversions and increase revenue by reaching new users.

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Gift Card Retailer

This eCommerce retailer wanted to institute an awareness campaign for their Q4 product launch. They leveraged MNTN Performance TV to ensure their ads found consumers when and where they were watching.

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Subscription Software

This subscription based SAAS leader was struggling to efficiently introduce their new brand and pricing model to a mass audience. They leveraged MNTN Performance TV to ensure their ads found consumers when and where they were watching.

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Travel Booking

This travel booking site wanted to efficiently reach key demographics with highly-targeted TV creative. They decided to leverage MNTN Performance TV to ensure their ads found consumers when and where they were watching.

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Mattress Retailer

This leading mattress retailer wanted to tell a compelling story while capturing site traffic and conversions. They decided to leverage MNTN Performance TV, ensuring their ads found consumers when and where they were watching.

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Tulalip Resort Casino

This Seattle-based resort and casino offers guests gaming, luxury accommodations, entertainment, fine dining, and more. They came to MNTN with the goal of expanding their reach and driving awareness among a key audience, and enjoyed immense success as they saw measurable increases in site traffic driven by Connected TV.

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