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    Connected TV

    Connected TV investments are expected to reach $13.41 billion in 2021

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    Connected TV investments are expected to reach $13.41 billion in 2021

    2 Min Read

    As the pandemic continues to change consumer behavior when it comes to when and how viewers have been watching their favorite shows over the last year, streaming TV finds itself coming out on top of the advertising pack. And it looks like advertisers are taking notice. A recent study from Tremor Video that focused on how CTV is used by advertisers found that 85% of the respondents believe Connected TV is a key part of their video advertising strategy, and 90% have plans to increase their CTV budgets in 2021. 

    So it comes as no surprise that Business Insider is reporting that Connected TV investments are expected to reach $13.41 billion this year. This is in part due to the fact that many advertisers find CTV to be an effective way to achieve their marketing goals – 94% of those surveyed by Tremor Video believe that CTV campaigns successfully hit their key objectives. As Connected TV continues to grow in popularity among consumers and marketers alike, this channel is primed to become a key part of every successful marketing campaign.

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