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Connected TV Yields 30% Higher ROI than Other Marketing Channels

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Connected TV Yields 30% Higher ROI than Other Marketing Channels

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We all know that Connected TV has been growing in popularity over the last few years. But a new report reveals that this rising channel is still being massively underutilized by many marketers. According to a new study from Analytic Partners (AP), CTV averages just 7% of total spend, but yields an ROI that is 30% higher than other marketing channels. 

AP suggests that the reason for this discrepancy is the false belief by marketers in difficult attribution and measurement while utilizing this channel. Mike Menkes, senior vice president overseeing consulting services for AP, explains that many digital channels that use performance marketing metrics like click-throughs and “last-click” attribution are attractive to marketers because they offer “the perception of immediate impact.” But CTV impacts consumer purchasing decisions in both the short and long term, Menkes explains, and “lasts twice as long as non-video media.”

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