Consumer Purchasing Changes, TV Upfronts, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Consumer Purchasing Changes, TV Upfronts, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There’s been a lot to cover when it came to marketing news this week. To make it even easier for you to keep on top of the most important stories, we created this list of the best, most interesting stories that caught our eye. 

In digital marketing news, it will come as no surprise to marketers that consumers are spending increasing time with online content as they stay home during the pandemic. This has been translating into increased exploration, as the limitations of the pandemic have created a need to experiment more when it comes to brands and methods of purchasing. A new report from DoubleVerify found that 39% of consumers have bought from a new brand during quarantine. They also discovered that nearly half of consumers (44%) are trying new brands after seeing a relevant ad. Marketers should capitalize on this increase in open-mindedness from consumers by focusing on outreach to new audiences through prospecting (we highly recommend Connected TV as the way to do it).

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Speaking of Connected TV, advertisers continue to consider how the changing TV ecosystem will affect their relationship with the annual TV upfronts. An article from Marketing Dive suggests that advertisers are in agreement that the system involving programs securing spending from advertisers upfront is a broken one, but not many are sure what changes they will make in the future. One of the largest advertisers in the world, P&G, made news when they decided to sit out the virtual upfronts this year – instead deciding to pursue more direct buys. However, other brands are more hesitant and seek changes to the system instead of abolishing it entirely. Overall, around 60% of the advertisers surveyed report that they bought less upfront this year, and as the linear and streaming landscapes continue to evolve, that number could continue to rise in the coming years. 

Here is the rest of the marketing news that caught our attention this week.


You Can’t (or Shouldn’t) Have Digital Marketing Without Customer Experience – Where does customer experience end and digital marketing begin? In today’s customer-centric world, the two practices are increasingly intertwined.

Nearly half of consumers will try new brands if the ad is relevant – Nearly half (44%) of consumers report trying new brands after seeing a relevant ad according to a new study by DoubleVerify. Younger groups prefer ads on social, while older demographics prefer TV.

Digital Marketing Hacks Explode Your Business – Both new and old businesses can struggle to get the most from their digital marketing strategy. Today, we share 5 digital marketing hacks that will help explode your business opportunities and profits.

Why Your Digital Marketing is Failing: A Guide to Improving Performance – Digital marketing is the key to unlocking increased traffic, leads, and conversions. But what happens when your digital marketing is failing? It’s time to reevaluate your strategy to find out what’s working.


Advertisers care more about transparency in TV upfronts than timing, study finds – 57% percent of advertisers are most concerned with outcomes measurement, and 50% most want transparency in upfront buying, according to new research from Advertiser Perceptions.

Nielsen And The Future Of Measuring Television And Video Viewers – Since television became a commodity in the 1950s, a program’s success was largely dependent upon Nielsen ratings. As audiences migrate to newer video platforms and channels, Nielsen has had to adjusted its methodology.

Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Rule Streaming – When it comes to streaming video content, consumers like to stick to the familiar, and for media companies eager to gain a foothold in the market, that could be a problem.

Over 73 million people watched the first debate on TV – More than 73.1 million people watched the first presidential debate, according to Nielsen ratings. While that’s a sizable audience, it’s down more than 13% from the record number of TV viewers who tuned in for the first debate of the 2016 election.


Top Mobile Marketing Strategies for your Business – Mobile marketing is the next game changer in the martech scape. Learn how it is disrupting the current customer choices.

The Medium Is The Messaging App – According to a new study from communications technology provider Mitto, many consumers now regularly engage with brands via apps.

Mobile Marketing: Creating and Managing Game Changing Facebook and Google Ads on Mobile – In this day in age, the value of being mobile is all but mandatory for anyone working in the e-commerce business. The reality is that getting things done while on the go is crucial for success, including digital marketing management.  


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.