Creative Experimentation, CTV for ABM Marketers, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Creative Experimentation, CTV for ABM Marketers, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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With new topics in the world of marketing making headlines every week, it can be hard to keep up. We created this marketing news roundup to make it easier to see it all in one place. 

In digital marketing news, the rapid influx of new digital technology is encouraging advertisers to rethink their old strategies. One way that brands can stand out from the crowd is through high-quality creatives. Adweek covered some recommendations from Amazon for brands looking to develop compelling advertisements in this ever-changing digital landscape. The article suggests starting with the fundamentals of great design and creative storytelling. Then, brands can experiment with new technologies to optimize and improve campaign performance in the short term, and later apply any learnings to future creative work. Amazon found that even just a few small tweaks to their call to actions led to a 36% lift to branded search. 

In the world of Connected TV, MarTech recently covered their recent MarTech Conference. One presentation from our own VP of marketing at MNTN, Ali Haeri, explored some of the ways that brands can bring their ABM strategies to CTV advertising. ABM marketers have utilized email marketing, targeted advertising, and personalized landing pages for some time to great success. “The problem is that when all marketers are doing the same thing and working out of the same playbook, it’s really hard to differentiate yourself,” said Haeri. “It’s really hard to stand out, and when we’re considering our end-user, it’s really hard to cut through the noise.” Instead, marketers should be looking to stand out by targeting users on CTV/OTT, a channel which is highly targetable and fully measurable, and serves high-impact ads. 

To read the rest of the stories that caught our attention this week, check out the lineup below. 


How To Prepare for the Future of Personalization in Marketing

As our expectations for digital experiences grow, personalization becomes a key factor on how likely we are to return as customers.

Marketing Analytics: What It Is and Why Marketers Should Care

Measurement is a challenge to every aspect of marketing from attribution to campaign optimization. To meet that challenge, marketers need insights into the vast quantities of data being generated from the wealth of customer touchpoints

What is the True Cost of Running Account-Based Marketing? 

You may have heard about the results companies are getting with account-based marketing (ABM) and want to know what it will take to make it work for you. In particular, will it fit in your budget?

How Paid Search Is Evolving: 4 Trends To Look Out For

Paid search is arguably the most knowledge-rich, mature digital marketing channel. It also moves fast, and can be hard for non-experts to keep track of.

Good Morning: The Impact of Marketing Experiences 

It may not be a major revelation, but customers realize that they are being marketed to. So brands should be sensitive not only to the value that campaigns drive, but also the overall impression of the marketing experience on consumers.

Why Creative Experimentation Is Critical for Campaign Success 

The rapid adoption of digital technology by consumers over the past few years has prompted advertisers to rethink traditional advertising strategies. What worked before, may not work today.

Commerce Media Gains Ground as a Marketing Growth Strategy

Marketers are leveraging commerce media to drive business growth. Here’s what it is and how to implement it.


Roku Touts Original Content, Brand Studio and OneView Ahead of 2022 NewFronts 

Roku, the largest connected TV player in the marketplace, wants marketers to know that the future is in streaming this upfronts season.

Hot Takes: Netflix Has Advertising. Now What?

Netflix unsurprisingly announced that they would actually be introducing an ad-supported subscription model (SAVOD) at some point in the foreseeable future.

How Media Buying and Measurement Have Transformed Marketers’ CTV Approach

New advancements in digital technology have changed the CTV landscape, from how spots are purchased and refreshed to the types of data that can be gleaned from them. The state of CTV is burgeoning, and the opportunities on the table for marketing teams are numerous. 

Bringing Your ABM Strategy to the World of CTV

Relying on the same old tactics can cause campaigns to become stale, which is why marketers need inventive ways to drive leads with ABM. Enter CTV — a growing channel offering ABM marketers plenty of opportunities.

Peacock Grows to 13 Million Paid Subscribers Following Super Bowl, Winter Olympics

NBCUniversal’s recent shift to focusing on Peacock’s paid tier instead of its free one is already paying off for the company.  

What Lies Ahead for Streaming After Netflix and CNN’s Bad Week?

April has been one of the rockiest months of the Streaming Wars in recent memory, but new strategies are emerging as the tide of the battle turns.


Snap Doubles Down on Augmented Reality Try-On With a Host of New Shopping Features 

Retailers have been increasingly turning to augmented reality as a way for consumers to try on products remotely, especially as the pandemic has made the prospect of visiting a physical fitting room potentially dicier at times.

How Mobile Marketing is Evolving

Mobile push notifications are becoming a valuable channel for re-engagement in mobile marketing, according to a survey released by customer messaging platform OneSignal this week. 

Four Ways to Enhance Mobile Creative 

As we inch closer toward a (third-party) cookieless world, many brands have turned their attention to developing non-cookieless targeting strategies.

Revenue Up But Pinners Down for Pinterest in Q1 2022

Pinterest reported an 18% year-over-year revenue gain in the first quarter of 2022 despite seeing a slump in monthly active users during the three-month period.

One Year On, Nearly Half of Users Opt-In to Apple’s ATT Tracking 

Apple sent shockwaves through the industry a year ago with the introduction of its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework. This sent advertisers into a tailspin, concerned there wouldn’t be enough addressable inventory for them to serve mobile campaigns to.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.