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CTV Ad Spending Will Increase by 48.6% in 2021

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CTV Ad Spending Will Increase by 48.6% in 2021

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While mobile advertising is still one of the top contributors to digital ad spend in the US, this channel’s hold over the ad market seems to be leveling off. According to a new article from eMarketer, this is because of the rise in popularity of Connected TV among advertisers and consumers alike. As this channel became the center of the home for many families during the pandemic, CTV has been causing a boom in non-mobile ad spend over the last year. In fact, eMarketer anticipates that CTV ad spending will have increased by 48.6% this year, to a total of $13.41 billion. And that spend is expected to continue to grow faster than mobile for at least the next several years, reaching almost $27.5 billion by 2025.

Part of the reason for this growth is Connected TV’s ability to make advertising on the big screen more accountable and effective than it was with linear TV. Because of its emphasis on data-driven advertising, CTV advertising allows marketers to deliver personalized content to desired audiences, making it easier than ever to track campaigns in real-time and adjust accordingly. And ultimately, as new content and networks continue to move into the streaming landscape, advertisers will have even more of an opportunity to increase the measurability of their big screen advertising.

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