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CTV Advertisers Saw 21% Higher Conversion Rate YOY in Q4

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CTV Advertisers Saw 21% Higher Conversion Rate YOY in Q4

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Despite the economic uncertainty during the last few months hanging like a cloud over marketers everywhere, one channel in particular seems to be weathering the storm. In Q4 of 2022, Connected TV generated more conversions, revenue, and website traffic than in its history as an ad channel (according to data sourced from the MNTN platform). In MNTN Research’s “Q4 Performance TV Report,” it was revealed that CTV advertisers on the MNTN platform saw their conversion rate improve by 21% on average versus the same time period in 2021. And those advertisers were able to expand their reach as well, with impressions served to 69% more users.

Part of the reason for that growth is Connected TV’s ability to serve as a full-funnel option for advertisers. While linear television has been traditionally viewed as top-funnel (due to its wide reach but limited measurement capabilities), with CTV, advertisers can tap into 3rd-party data sets to reach new audiences, and then retarget any of those new website viewers through their smart TVs and streaming platforms. As a result, our data found that advertisers on CTV reached 64% more users when prospecting than retargeting, but had a 5X higher ROAS for their retargeting campaigns vs. prospecting. Ultimately, in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of CTV, marketers should be driving both upper and lower funnel campaigns strategies through this powerful ad channel.

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