CTV Political Ads, The Connection between OTT and Mobile, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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CTV Political Ads, The Connection between OTT and Mobile, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There was a lot to cover this week in marketing news. To make it easier for you to keep on top of the most important stories, here are some of the topics that caught our attention

Mobile channels have always been popular among consumers, many of them taking their mobile devices with them everywhere they go. But with the ongoing pandemic changing the way we all live our lives, many mobile marketers have been looking into new ways to make their campaigns appeal to potential customers. And according to Mobile Marketer, the solution is likely right in front of them – in the form of their OTT devices. Mobile and CTV have always been used in tandem, and with people spending more time in their living rooms consuming content on Connected TV than ever, it is especially important to consider how that connection can be utilized. 

And speaking of Connected TV, this growing channel has been making even more headlines than usual as the U.S. elections approach their final week. According to a recent poll conducted by SpotX, political ad spend on Connected TV has increased by 900% since April of this year. While some of this rise is likely due to the fact that the election is occurring this year, there are a number of other factors that also contributed. One of these was the rise in popularity of this channel, as 70% of persuadable voters are using ad-supported streaming TV services. Connected TV has also been shown to be more brand safe than channels such as social media, accordinging to a study by Magnite. Ultimately, campaigns that haven’t taken advantage of Connected TV’s increase in interest and users are missing out on getting their ads in front of potential voters.

Check out the rest of the articles that were making waves in digital marketing this week below. 


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Nielsen To Measure Connected TV Campaigns On YouTube & YouTube TV For The First Time – Nielsen announced that YouTube’s streaming TV inventory will be measured in Digital Ad Ratings and Total Ad Ratings to help media buyers and sellers better understand and verify audiences on both the YouTube and YouTube TV apps on Connected TV.

FreeWheel: 73% of ad views occur on set-top boxes and Connected TV – In its U.S. Video Marketplace Report detailing the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on video and ad spending, Freewheel has said audiences still enjoy watching their favorite shows on the big screen. 

‘The OTT Election’: SpotX’s Welch On Connected Campaigning – U.S. election campaigners have upped their spend on TV ads through OTT and Connected TV channels by 900% since April.

Budgets For Local OTT, CTV Advertising Taking Media Dollars From Broadcast, Cable TV, Other Media – Local media agency executives say multiple existing budgets are being tapped when it comes to media dollars for Connected TV and OTT from their clients – with broadcast and cable the biggest areas.


OTT and mobile marketing: How can we measure results? – Collaboration is necessary for effective OTT campaign measurement and laying the groundwork for leveraging consumer interest in on-demand mobile content.

Taking advertising to the next level with gamification – Gaming has become a medium of choice for any digital campaign that wants to stand out, and where connecting and engaging the audience feels crucial to create a memorable moment.  

LinkedIn Stories introduced around the world – LinkedIn has become the latest social platform to introduce a stories feature to the world, enabling companies and members to publish photos and videos up to 20 seconds long via the platform’s mobile app.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.