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Digital Marketing Attribution, Uptick in CTV Ad Buying, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Digital Marketing Attribution, Uptick in CTV Ad Buying, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There’s often a lot of news every week that pertains to the world of marketing – and last week was no exception. To make it easier to catch all of the most important stories, we compiled this roundup so marketers can see it all in one place.

In digital marketing news, the industry is talking attribution. With digital marketing making campaigns easier to track than ever, knowing exactly what is working for your strategies becomes especially important. A recent article from Entrepreneur explores exactly why attribution makes choosing which digital marketing device gets your dollars easy. Many digital marketing models are built on the idea of last-touch attribution, where whichever ad channel customers interact with before they purchase gets the credit for that conversion. But in reality, the purchasing process is much more complicated. For example, channels like social can be great for building brand awareness, but often not the last stop for your customers. Ultimately, Entrepreneur recommends that advertisers take the time to build a solid foundation for tracking attribution that fully takes into account how a customer learns, decides and then buys.

And in Connected TV News, some major brands are predicting that the majority of TV ad spend will be run through Connected TV within the next three years. At their recent Advertising Week panel, AdAge discussed this shift with marketers from Volkswagen of America, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Colgate-Palmolive. We already saw signs of this shift during this year’s upfront negotiations – advertisers moved big chunks of their commitments to streaming platforms, with brands like Disney seeing more than 40% of its sales go to streaming platforms. And according to VW, this transition has been extremely profitable for them. Kimberley Gardiner, Senior VP of Marketing at VW, said that they utilized CTV ads during their campaign for their new ID4 battery-electric compact crossover, “The savings can be real and we wouldn’t have reached those folks otherwise. We need to get households when we know they are going to be in-market and ready to buy a vehicle. Otherwise, we just can’t afford it.”

Check out our list below to see the rest of last week’s marketing news. 


How AI Is Transforming The Future Of Digital Marketing – The reality of AI is actually thousands of tools and apps running quietly behind the scenes, making our lives more straightforward by automating simple tasks or making predictions. 

Why Attribution Is All That Should Matter in Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is a bright new frontier in business advertising, and today, the digital options are almost endless. Choosing which digital marketing device gets your dollars should be easy, though, if you’ve built your choices on the foundation of attribution.  

The Four Things Keeping Digital Marketers Up at Night and How to Solve Them – Anyone in charge of digital ad spend knows all too well the inevitability of change, but there are some topics that are especially front of mind for digital leaders today.

How You Should Evolve Your D2C Brand as Digital Marketing Evolves – The consumer ecommerce industry has spent two decades building a huge, complicated set of tools and systems that track and analyze what people do on the internet.

Pinterest Finds That the Pandemic Is Still Impacting Travel Plans – Pinterest shared some trends from travel-related searches on its platform Friday, showing that although many pandemic-induced restrictions have been lifted, Covid-19 is still playing a role in Pinners’ plans. 


How CTV Makes Better Advertisers – Connected TV has changed the marketing game forever, enabling brands to connect with their target audience whenever and wherever they are. 

Amazon Gets Smart in Shaking Up the Connected TV Landscape  – Amazon is already one of the dominant players in the connected TV space, with the Fire TV hitting 50 million monthly active users last year and its streaming sticks among the most popular on the market. 

VW, AB InBev, and Colgate-Palmolive Predict Big Uptick in CTV Ad Buying – Marketers from Volkswagen of America, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Colgate-Palmolive agree that the majority of TV ad spend will occur programmatically via connected TV within three years.

Weird But True: iOS15 Email Updates May Push More to CTV Advertising – Apple’s update muddies the waters for email marketing metrics, which means advertisers need to rethink their email strategies.

How Disney+ and Discovery+ Are Battling Subscriber Churn – When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, streaming services experienced record amounts of growth. Now, as people begin to venture outside more and more, these services are battling subscriber churn once again as they try to hold onto those new audiences. 

Connected TVs Usher Era of Digital Advertising Experiences – While the pandemic has certainly played a role in driving up consumer expectations, the rapid proliferation — and deep penetration — of Smart and Connected TVs in households around the world is a signal of the increasing demand for digital entertainment.


Mobile To Top Direct Mail Ad Dollars in Local Media – Up until next year, direct mail advertising will have attracted the lion’s share of local ad budgets. But those days appear to be gone forever, according to BIA/Kelsey’s 2022 local media expenditures forecast. 

WhatsApp Partners with Spotify to Promote View Once Feature – WhatsApp has teamed up with Spotify to launch a multi-media marketing campaign to support WhatsApp’s new privacy-protecting feature, ‘View Once’, which enables WhatsApp users to send a photo or video that can only be viewed once. 

How To Launch A Successful Mobile App – Most people over the age of 12 own a phone or tablet. Now, think about how often those people use mobile apps. So it’s easy to understand why mobile app publishers are having a hard time making sure new apps are easily found by their target audience. 


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.