Disney+ Emmy Nominations, Customer Profiles, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Disney+ Emmy Nominations, Customer Profiles, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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It can sometimes be difficult for marketers to keep up with all of the industry news released each week. That’s why we created this roundup of the top articles covering news and thought leadership that every marketer should be reading.

Business 2 Community has some recommendations for marketers looking to attract customers in an increasingly fragmented digital landscape. Nowadays, catching the eyes of customers involves advertising across dozens of different channels, and beating out the competition with a superior message. Business 2 Community recommends regularly updating customer profiles to ensure that the information is accurate to audience wants and needs, as consumer behavior is always changing. And with attention spans becoming shorter than ever, they also suggest leveraging channels and mediums that command the most attention, such as video advertising through digital and Connected TV

And speaking of Connected TV, the recently announced Emmy nominations are revealing a new trend in the world of premium television. According to Adweek, this week Disney+ received an Emmy nomination count of 71 – more than all of the nominations Disney’s linear properties received combined (and nearly quadruple the 19 nominations the streaming platform received in 2020). This is in part because of the Walt Disney Company’s recent decision to prioritize putting their most exciting shows on their subscription services rather than linear networks. And with the news that their recently released “Black Widow” made $60 million in streaming revenue in addition to the $80M in its theatrical release, it’s becoming clear that streaming content has the potential to be just as valuable as its traditional counterparts. 

Check out the rest of the headlines that caught our attention below.


How to Attract Customer Attention in a Fragmented Digital Landscape – Advertising now stretches across dozens of mediums: apps, laptops, tablets, podcasts, television, radio, social media, and more. With so many touchpoints, there is more competition for the attention of your desired audience.

Are You Able to Accommodate the New Shopper Mindset? – Success starts with a deep understanding of the shopper mindset, so let’s explore a few key factors motivating spending today and the opportunities they present for brands. 

How to Make Your Brand’s Values Resonate with Buyers – Customers have always looked for great products and services. Today, though, they’re looking beyond what you can provide. To earn their business, you also have to prove that your beliefs and philosophies align with theirs.

Privacy and the Intersection of Ethics: A Data Perspective – It’s a fair question to ask whether the average consumer fully understands the way their data is being traded for services online, and whether they’d make the same choices if they did. 

New Data Shows the Pandemic’s Impact on Fashion Retail – Global marketplaces are reaching various stages of recovery and new shows how shopping shifted during the pandemic and what retailers can do to drive sales using their market intelligence.


The New Frontier of B2B Marketing: Drive Measurable Results with Performance CTV Advertising – In this webinar, learn how it’s possible to utilize Connected TV as a performance marketing channel similar to other tried and true methods.

From Connected TV to Checkout: Make Haste for the Holidays – Unfortunately, all summer vacations must come to an end, but we’re making those ‘Sunday scaries’ more manageable for you. Continue reading as we share some must-know tips to get your campaigns ready from launch all the way through to website conversions.

Why CTV is a Key Answer in a Cookieless Future – Although it remains to be seen how this fight will pan out across the open web, there’s no doubt that Google’s garden walls are continuing to rise. With that said, marketers would be wise to remember that Connected TV doesn’t — and never did — use cookie technology.

This Year’s Emmy Nominations Prove Streaming Has Officially Taken Over TV Awards Season – Streaming services accounted for four of the five top nominated outlets, with HBO Max and Netflix overwhelmingly dominating in terms of total nominations. Disney+ also beat out every broadcast and cable network in terms of nominations and came in third overall. 

Disney Was Right About Streaming New Movies – In addition to the $80 million it grabbed from the first weekend of “Black Widow,”  it took in an eye-popping $60 million in streaming revenues under its Disney+ Premier Access pay-per view effort.


How Games are Driving Success for Automotive Brands – In today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven society, many automotive brands are finding that games and gamification can help them get their message across and reach out to a younger demographic – the car buyers and owners of tomorrow.

Facebook’s Troubles Mount Heading Into Q4 Holiday Season – Advertisers who would normally rely on Facebook to generate strong returns during Q4 may need to look elsewhere. As we edge toward Q4 planning, the social network’s problems are looking like they’ll result in an underwhelming and problematic ad environment. 

7 Benefits of Mobile Marketing for Your Business – If your business hasn’t already aligned its marketing plan with mobile technologies, it’s time to learn about mobile marketing and how to best approach it. In this article, you will find out the benefits of mobile marketing and how you can use it for your business.

TikTok Partners with Westfield to Bring IRL Experience to Consumers – TikTok and Westfield London are partnering up to bring the first ever TikTok ‘For You’ House for consumers to experience the platform in real life. 

Spotify Report Gives Advertisers an Inside Look into Gen Z – Spotify has released the third volume of Culture Next, the Annual Culture and Trends Report designed to give advertisers an inside look into what inspires and motivates millennials and Gen Z. 


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.