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E-Commerce Marketing, Top CTV Platforms, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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E-Commerce Marketing, Top CTV Platforms, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week in digital marketing news, there are plenty of recommendations for e-commerce brands on keeping their strategies up-to-date to stay current in the midst of the current crisis. Forbes recommends that marketers continue running PPC campaigns, but that you take extra care in making your campaigns are running efficiently. And Search Engine Journal has outlined some brands that used digital marketing to their advantage while dealing with this new normal. They highlighted how The Record Parlor, a record store in Hollywood, pivoted their digital campaigns to push ads on their new pick-up and delivery service, as well as some online happy hours and DJ sets. Marketers of brick-and-mortar businesses should look at finding new avenues like these which might appeal to customers right now – and in ways that will allow messaging to actually find them. 

In Connected TV news, streaming has surged in the last couple of months – some companies even seeing increases as high as 150% year-over-year in time spent watching Connected TV content. eMarketer has also released their findings on the top platforms for streaming today. They found Roku had the number one position, with 84.7 million users watching through their platform. Amazon Fire has taken the number two spot this year, now beating out the gaming consoles that used to occupy that position. 

Check out the rest of the marketing headlines that caught our eye this week.


Four Ways To Adapt Your E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy To The Current Crisis – How has the crisis affected e-commerce, and what are the best strategies for e-commerce companies to overcome it?

How Digital Marketing Continues to Change – With the continued growth of digital communications and our online world from eCommerce to social media to mobile apps and beyond, digital marketing keeps growing and overtaking more traditional marketing channels.

Digital Marketing In A Cookie-Less Internet – Marketers and advertisers need cost-effective ways to achieve their financial objectives but are moving toward less data to validate campaigns.

The COVID-19 Shuffle: How Businesses Embraced Digital Marketing to Survive the Pandemic – During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are using digital technology and marketing to survive these “interesting times.” Here’s how. 


How COVID-19 Quarantine Locked In Connected TV Growth – What does the still-emerging world of Connected TV look like? Not just the subscription-only services such as Netflix and Disney+ but the free, advertiser-supported segment?

Roku Remains Top CTV Platform, Amazon Fire TV Takes Second Spot This Year – Roku was the top connected TV (CTV) platform in the US last year with 84.7 million users, according to eMarkter’s forecast. 

YouTube advertisers get access to streaming TV under new YouTube Select offering – YouTube today unveiled a new product for advertisers called YouTube Select that unifies the video service’s premium ad offerings under one banner.

Hulu Gets Disney-fied User Interface Upgrade – Hulu’s user interface is getting a facelift—one that will make the platform look a lot more like the other offerings in Disney’s streaming portfolio.

The TV upfronts will never be the same again – The upfronts have long been derided as a relic of the past, yet little has changed over the years. Now, the TV industry is forced to adapt — and going back to the old way is going to be difficult.

Google is Launching a New Video Series to Help Businesses Maximize Their Digital Marketing Opportunities – Google is launching a new video series designed to help marketers get a better understanding of key opportunities and trends.


Brands should utilize SMS to stay connected to customers – As COVID-19 continues to cause worldwide disruption, mobile messaging has become an even more vital communications channel in today’s world.

Instacart launches in-app safety hub to protect its shopper community – Instacart has rolled out a shopper in-app safety hub to support its shopper community. The safety hub is available for all shoppers now, with features rolling out over the coming weeks. 

TikTok analytics tool aims to help marketers evaluate campaigns – As brands commit their mobile marketing efforts to TikTok, cross-platform measurement becomes more important to compare the social video app with more established rivals.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.