Emotional Advertising, Engaging with Streamers, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Emotional Advertising, Engaging with Streamers, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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The world of marketing can move at a pretty fast pace. That’s why we created this weekly marketing news roundup, so you can see all the best stories in one place.

In digital marketing news, it looks like data alone is not enough to convince a consumer to convert or a business to work with your B2B brand. A new article from Inc. covers the challenges that marketers face when using data to back up their claims. While hard numbers might feel like the easiest way to give clarity on a topic and state the facts, the truth is that human brains are hardwired to poke holes in that data if it doesn’t back up their experiences. Due to this psychological phenomena, most people are easier to convince if you back up that data with emotional connections. To learn how to achieve this feat, check out the full article here

In Connected TV news, you may have heard that streaming has now passed linear as the most popular way to access TV content. And that shift represents a huge opportunity for advertisers. The newer generations of digital natives have different expectations around how they interact with advertising than their older counterparts—namely, that they want personalization and convenience to be at the forefront of their ad experiences. And Connected TV provides just that, by allowing for hyper-targeted media buys that simply were not possible through linear. Adweek covers what this means for the TV and advertising industry at large in a recent breakdown

Check out the rest of the top articles from this week in the roundup below.


Google Topics Will Require Supplemental Signals to Succeed – Since Google first announced Topics API, their new solution to help the advertising industry cope with the loss of third-party cookies, it has been met with mixed reviews. 

Waiting on Google’s Cookie Ban? Here’s How to Own Your Digital Marketing Strategy Now – With the continuing saga around the deprecation of third-party cookies grabbing headlines, it’s a perfect time for brands to dig in and truly own their digital marketing strategy.

Building a Bulletproof Marketing Collaboration Strategy – Marketing collaboration has been popular for a few years but it saw a huge boost over the pandemic months when businesses had to look for virtual ways to build traffic and sales. And yet, not many businesses do it right. 

Data Creates Disbelief in Digital Marketing – Data creates disbelief when introduced too early in the sales cycle, and it kills your website and digital marketing conversions. This happens because of an odd psychological quirk in the human brain. 

13 Local Marketing Strategies That Work In 2022 – Want your brand or offering to be found by local audiences? Here are 13 great tips for local marketing strategies and tactics that work. 


Streaming Viewership Surpassed Cable TV for the First Time – Streaming viewership reached new highs last month, exceeding cable usage for the first time, according to Nielsen. 

26% of U.S. Households Have Trimmed or Tossed a Paid Video Service in Last Six Months  – More than one in four American households (26%) has responded to inflation by taking a scalpel or a scissors to their TV budget in the last six months, according to a new survey released Thursday by Aluma Insights.

Travel Brands on CTV: Oh, the Places You’ll Show – After a few rough years of a pandemic and lockdowns, travel brands are amid the hottest summer in years – and the future’s looking brighter than ever. But a lot has changed since the travel industry slowed in 2019.

TV Ad Budgets Remain Strong despite Economic Uncertainty—for Now – Between reports of ad revenue growth among some of the major networks, as well as ad budgets that multiple agencies tell Ad Age have remained relatively stable, the state of TV advertising is far from grim. 

Accelerating Adoption of Connected TV Advertisements – What Brands Need to Know – Instead of becoming obsolete with the advent of advanced streaming services, TV devices continue to evolve, gradually adapting to a newer reality. Aside from providing a new way to watch your favorite shows, CTV provides a huge opportunity for advertising.

Media Buys Are More Valuable as Streaming Steals Spotlight – It has been a long time coming, but the power dynamic has finally shifted in streaming‘s favor. Linear TV is no longer the most popular way for consumers to access content, and the forecasted ad spend in CTV is reflecting that power shift.


As Students Get Ready for Fall, Add AR to Your Back-to-School Toolbox – The 2022 back-to-school season is here, and so is the perfect opportunity for brands to prove their value to students and parents alike. 

Midterm Election Ads: The Social Media Platforms Where You Will (and Won’t) See Them – In a land far away from the White House, called a “Zoom meeting room,” social media platforms are making some political calls. 

Researchers: TikTok’s Algorithms Hook Users Like a Drug. New Features Could Spread the Addiction – Social media video-sharing platform TikTok is testing new features to keep users coming back for more.


That’s it for the roundup this week—next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.