Loyalty Programs, Streaming Viewing Time, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Loyalty Programs, Streaming Viewing Time, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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For marketers, it can sometimes feel impossible to keep up to date on the industry news released every week. We created this weekly roundup so you can see all the most important stories in one place. 

In digital marketing news, consumer loyalty has been a hot topic for the last few years. And while many loyalty programs can feel like a “set it and forget it” situation, that simply is not the case. Adweek recently covered the ways brands have upped their customer loyalty game and strengthened their customer relationships for the future. For example, the Coffee Club in Australia found that their customer’s behavior changed during the pandemic to become more mobile-focused. So their team brought their loyalty program to an in-app interface, making it easier than ever for their customers to capitalize on any coupons or messages while on the go. Check out the article to read the rest of Adweek’s recommendations here

And in Connected TV news, streaming viewing time just hit a new record. While we usually expect to see lower levels of TV viewing during the summer months, Nielsen’s The Gauge Report reveals that June’s total viewing time was actually 1.9% higher. This increase was largely driven by streaming, which now makes up 33.7% of total TV time (just under cable’s 35.1%). And when it comes to the specific streaming platforms that saw the highest levels of engagement, Netflix is still at the top despite their recent subscriber losses, with 7.7% of all TV viewing. 

Continue reading the roundup below to see the rest of the stories that caught our eye. 


Research: Latest Digital Marketing Trends To Better Connect With Customers

Marketers are still adapting to the major disruptions of the past several years. Buyers, though, still expect marketers to provide personalization and enjoyable experiences.   

Survey: Pandemic Has Improved Digital Marketing Capabilities

The pandemic has resulted in improved digital marketing capabilities – but driving growth in the digital age brings new complexities and marketing needs.

Want to Attract Younger Consumers? Just Be Yourself

The consumer is more and more aware every day of marketing “hype” and language that is not authentic to the brand or corporate mission. Gen Z and millennials are acutely aware of this and will expect nothing less and can see through it all.  

Why UX Is Critical to Digital Marketing

Over the last 10 years, there has been a growing and positive trend to do away with the “Jacks-of-all-trades” and engage specialists instead. One of the key skills that the digital marketing industry is sadly ignoring, however, is that of the User Experience (UX) expert.

Loyalty Programs Are the Strong Foundation of Customer Engagement

Today, the smart money focuses on retention—or what you’re doing to keep customers engaged once they’re in the building, so to speak, and to keep them coming back. Loyalty programs are proven retention workhorses, but they’re not set-and-forget. 

Report: The State of Organic Marketing in 2022

Organic marketing is a crucial and growing part of any organization’s digital toolkit. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, organic is earned, not paid. It doesn’t require paying to get in front of potential customers. 


Why QR Codes Are Only The Beginning For Shoppable TV Ads

Despite not being an inherently interactive environment, television does drive sales lift—though the impact usually isn’t immediate. Until recently, the reality of shoppable TV has lagged far behind the idea.

Streaming Soars Past One-Third of June’s Total TV Time

Though the summer months normally see a winding down of TV viewing, streaming obtained yet another record high of 33.7% of total TV time – says Nielsen’s June 2022 The Gauge report.

Travel Brands Take Note—Consumers are Taking Action After Viewing Ads on CTV

As traditional TV watching wanes and viewers transition to streaming services, CTV is proving itself a powerful advertising channel for a wide variety of brands. Over the last few years, travel brands in particular have experienced a lift from targeting CTV audiences.

Comcast Report Says Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV Penetration Has Doubled

A new report from Comcast Advertising finds consumers are leaning in to the lean-back experience FAST services provide, mimicking the linear TV environment with channel guides and surfing, but without high costs or need for logins.


How To Unlock the Power of Mobile Marketing in a Cookieless Future

There’s a growing body of evidence, suggesting that people are more obsessed with their mobiles than ever before. For marketers and brands, this obsession translates into incredible opportunity.

The Mobile Loyalty Program Formula: Reduce Friction, Collect Valuable Data

Consumers view loyalty programs favorably and willingly enroll to receive rewards from their favorite brands. However, if the program is not easily accessible and intuitive, it will inevitably lead to a lag in member participation, rendering the program less effective. 

T-Mobile Refreshes Ad Business With New Name and App-Based Insights

T-Mobile recently rebranded its advertising sales business and introduced a program to help marketers reach consumers based on app usage, which the company says is a strong indicator of consumer intent.

Twitter Blames Revenue Drop on the $44 Billion Takeover Fight With Elon Musk

In its Q2 earnings report this morning, Twitter reported a decline in its revenue of $1.18 billion, down from $1.19 billion in 2021 earnings, blaming it on the ongoing Elon Musk acquisition saga, the company said. 

Snap Says Demand for Ads Slowed in Wake of Market Forces

Snapchat’s advertising business ran into troubles on multiple fronts, and second-quarter revenue grew only 13%, to $1.1 billion. As Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel said in a note to shareholders, “our financial results for Q2 do not reflect our ambition.”


That’s it for the roundup this week—next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.