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    Connected TV

    Estimates Raised for 2021 Connected TV Ad Revenue

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    Estimates Raised for 2021 Connected TV Ad Revenue

    2 Min Read

    Connected TV ad revenue will reach around $11 billion in 2021 - eMarketer, 2020

    eMarketer Revises Connected TV Estimates Upward

    In a newly updated estimate, eMarketer has increased their prediction for total ad revenue on Connected TV to a whopping $11 billion for 2021. This, when compared to 2019’s $7 billion, is a jump that further illustrates the growth of CTV as an ad channel. eMarketer’s larger estimate comes as millions of viewers have increased their time spent streaming TV over the past few months. This is a point that hasn’t been lost on advertisers or TV networks. 

    Normally, events like the annual upfronts would be happening at this time of year, and advertisers would dedicate large portions of their TV ad budgets to big media buys on linear TV. But these events have been canceled or postponed indefinitely, along with the live sporting events that used to be one of the main revenue sources for traditional TV advertising. So as TV networks transition their programming and make it available on streaming services, more advertisers are doing the same and making the jump to Connected TV.  

    Connected TV in the News

    YouTube Creates Package For Connected TV Buyers 

    YouTube is creating a dedicated streaming TV lineup as part of YouTube Select in the U.S. for advertisers looking to reach Connected TV viewers.

    Hulu Gets Disney-fied User Interface Upgrade
    Ad Week

    Hulu’s user interface is getting a facelift that will make the platform look a lot more like the other offerings in Disney’s streaming portfolio.

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