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Gen Z enjoys watching ads on CTV that are targeted to their interests

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Gen Z enjoys watching ads on CTV that are targeted to their interests

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When looking to make an impact with ads on Connected TV, it is of course important for brands to understand the consumers they are marketing towards. And according to research from ClickZ, Gen Z audiences are especially valuable. This generation is made up of about 2.6 billion people who have large buying power – Centennials account for 40% of global consumers. When looking to advertise specifically to Gen Z, there are a few things that marketers should know. This generation in particular is especially trend savvy. Gen Z consumers like to stay on top of the latest in technology and products, and are much more willing to try out new brands than previous generations. They also have a lot of influence on the purchases of their family members and friends, and help set 70% of food choices and 80-90% of other items in American households.

And you won’t be able to reach them through linear TV – 70% of Gen Z watches TV and consumes media content through game consoles and multimedia devices like Apple TVs and Roku. What makes this generation especially valuable as a target audience is their relationship with CTV ads. Gen Z treats Connected TV ad loads as natural, and finds them shorter and less annoying than those shown on linear. In fact, 54% actually don’t mind watching ads, and actually enjoy when ads are targeted to their particular interests. Ultimately, Gen Z is growing into an especially valuable audience that brands will need to understand moving forward, or risk missing out on.

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