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Let's talk Connected TV - Here's our latest SteelHouse content snapshot.

Hot Off the Press

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It’s a new year and a clean slate, and while 2021 has already thrown us all a few curveballs, here at MNTN we always try to maintain a sunny disposition. Lucky for us – and many advertisers and brands – Connected TV is making inroads as the digital marketing channel of choice this year. Though, with all eyes on CTV, security concerns are also on the rise as more money flows into the ad channel, and more scammers make it a target (thankfully there’s easy ways to mitigate that danger). 

We put to rest any questions you might have about attribution in our handy guide, which shows off a bit of our user-friendly interface. And, if you’re one of the many brands who have exhausted ‘noisy’ channels like Instagram and are wondering what’s next – you’ve come to the right place. Lastly, we wrap up this month’s content highlight with a look at some of the top-performing creative of the holiday season, and learnings that you can apply to your own Connected TV ads.

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Connected TV advertising – Attribution for the Performance Marketer

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