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Households are Streaming More Ad-Supported Connected TV

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Households are Streaming More Ad-Supported Connected TV

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More Viewers are Watching Free Content During the Pandemic

According to a new report from Roku, more households are streaming free, ad-supported Connected TV during the pandemic than ever before. This is likely due to a combination of factors: an increase in the number of at-home workers and students, and concern around finances as economic uncertainty continues to be a problem for millions of Americans. This makes them more willing than ever to watch free, ad-supported options on television. 

Even before the pandemic, consumers were interested in non-subscription options on Connected TV – with 62% of users desiring access to cheaper, ad-supported streaming channels. This was in part due to the increased “subscription fatigue” that many consumers were experiencing at the beginning of the year. This presents an interesting opportunity for marketers – CTV ads are non-skippable and offer detailed audience targeting, giving advertisers an edge over linear TV advertising capabilities. It’s becoming ever more likely we’ll see higher ad spend on CTV as advertisers follow these audiences. 

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