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How Connected TV Enhances Loyalty Outreach

CTV’s direct connection with loyalty program members can open new personalization and performance opportunities

How Connected TV Enhances Loyalty Outreach

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Loyalty is a big deal—especially in business. Repeat customers spend 300% more than new ones. This is why loyalty (and membership) programs are crucial for many brands.  

But what makes for a well-run loyalty/membership program, exactly? Obviously incentives and offers help. So too does personalized messaging that makes your members feel known and appreciated. 

But those don’t amount to much if members don’t know about them, which is why Connected TV deserves a place in your media strategy. Why? It helps elevate your loyalty outreach by delivering custom messaging on an extremely effective ad medium—and most importantly—generates revenue and strengthens the bond with your most loyal customers. 

Delivering Personalized Messages on TV

Connected TV offers all the audience targeting and measurement benefits that come with a digital ad channel, right alongside the brand recall of TV advertising

That opens up some possibilities. For example, by uploading your loyalty program email lists from your CRM to a CTV platform like Performance TV, you can reach those members with matched audience campaigns while they stream their favorite shows. And because these ads serve exclusively to your loyalty members, you can personalize the message in ways that you normally couldn’t with a regular TV ad. 

By delivering a custom TV ad right to their living rooms, you’re engaging your audience with a high-profile message. They might miss an email in their inbox offering them special discounts, but they’re not going to miss an unskippable ad served on the biggest screen in the house. 

Custom Messaging Based on Tiers

You aren’t limited to just sending a blanket statement to your loyalty program members, either. A platform like Performance TV lets you define each tier of your loyalty program, and then deliver different messaging to each audience. This is handled by either uploading separate email lists for each tier, or by defining the tiers on one master list. 

With your tiers identified, you can then launch multiple campaigns to engage each audience. For example, you can send one message to your larger silver-tier audience offering a discount, while delivering an exclusive offer only available to your few-but-dedicated platinum tier members—maybe even follow McDonald’s lead with something unique like communicating via the CTV ad that the consumer has earned a brand-specific NFT, conveying that customer’s special status. 

Find Your Future Loyal Shoppers

Connected TV can also deliver new loyal shoppers for your brand. Thanks to third-party audience data, CTV can connect you with audiences that aren’t part of your customer set yet. For example, Performance TV is fully integrated with LiveRamp and other data sources, providing access to tens of thousands of segments. It unlocks the ability to target specific audiences with affinity for other loyalty programs, or even those who are fans of your competitors. 

By layering these types of audiences into your prospecting campaigns, you can attract consumers who are likely to engage with your brand, and sign up for your loyalty program. That’s a surefire way to reach shoppers who will stick around after making their first purchase—and bring recurring revenue along with them. 

Elevate Your Loyalty Approach

By adding Connected TV to your loyalty outreach, you’re ensuring your best customers keep you top of mind and act on your offered incentives. By going a step further and delivering custom messages to your loyalty tiers, you’re delivering a personalized ad experience that many consumers have come to expect. If the stats below are any indication, you may want to be sure you’re doing that.  

  • 91% of shoppers report they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them, per Accenture.
  • 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalized experiences, according to research from Epsilon.
  • 80% of frequent shoppers only shop with brands with a personalized experience, per Smarter HQ.

That’s why Connected TV is a smart choice. It brings personalization to television, and helps you tap into what shoppers are looking for in a brand. So get to work building out your Connected TV loyalty strategy, and start reaping the benefits.