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How Much Do You Know About Connected TV Advertising?

Fire up those neurons - It’s time to put your CTV knowledge to the test.

How Much Do You Know About Connected TV Advertising?

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We’re taking the ‘tech’ out of technology, though not in the way you might think. Ad tech has thrown enough buzzwords at us to make any performance advertiser confused, and after a while everything starts to look the same. Connected TV is the biggest player to join the world of digital advertising, and there’s much to celebrate and educate. Whether you’re new to the space, a seasoned advertiser, don’t want to read ‘another blog post’ or simply need a break from your day – what better way to learn more about CTV than through one of our favorite childhood games? Before scrolling to the bottom of the page for your answers, let the hints below be your guide and visit our resource section for guidance. Good Luck!

How To Play

  • Simply click your cursor on the word you’re trying to solve.
  • Type your answer and then hit ‘Enter’
  • The row will highlight green if you’ve guessed correctly, or red if incorrect.

All done? Now scroll on down to the answers below!


4. Walled Garden: What do brands like Amazon and Hulu have in common? These household names operate under a closed platform, where the provider owns control over all of the applications, content and media within the system – and restricts access to anything outside of that ‘garden’. In the name of the CTV game, this means brands that work directly with these platforms only get access to the walled garden’s inventory and audience, and not any others. 

5. Frequency Cap: How do you make sure that your ad is not overserved? Ad fatigue is an all too common issue in adtech, which is why advertisers are always looking for ways to improve the ad experience. Improvements in AI and automation technology means advertisers can ‘set it and forget it’ – they no longer need to keep a close watch on their campaigns, in fear of their ads being viewed too many times.

6. Third Party: A collection of anonymous web-browsing data sourced from external data partners, including information like geography, purchase/shopping intent, audience profiles and more. You can grow your audience pool and reach customers  through platforms like MNTN Platform TV. We’ve built in access to thousands of third-party audience segments through our partnership with LiveRamp and other trusted data providers.

7. Non Skippable: This is a feature of Connected TV advertisements, which do not allow the ad to be paused, fast forwarded or skipped through. The goal is to drive engagement and completed views, which sit around 97% for TV and stand to outperform other platforms where skippability is an option. 


1. Retargeting: Serving advertisements to users who have prior engaged with your website, to encourage conversions.  Read more here.

2. Direct Response: Describes marketing activity with the intention to drive an immediate call-to-action, such as a purchase. Platforms like MNTN Performance TV enable these to be attributed directly to your Connected TV campaigns. 

3. OTT Advertising: Short for Over-the-Top advertising, which refers to the way OTT/CTV is served  “over” a cable box to give users access to TV content, streamed directly through the internet. These terms are used interchangeably, but if you ask us, Connected TV has a better ring to it!