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Launch on CTV with the Ease of a New Social Channel

Social marketers are experts at launching new channels–CTV should be the next one

Launch on CTV with the Ease of a New Social Channel

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Change can be scary. But social marketers don’t need to fear the newest channel for B2B. Connected TV is an essential tool to differentiate your B2B business and with its digital roots, it’s an easy one to implement.

Eric Hatzenbuhler, Senior Marketing Manager at MNTN, knows that advertising on social or CTV isn’t so different. He will be joining Ascent to discuss how to make the leap and what to do once you’ve launched your first campaign.

Connected TV is the TV Solution for B2B Marketers

The TV screen wasn’t always the best place for B2B advertisers. It was expensive and impressions were often wasted trying to target a hard-to-pinpoint B2B audience with limited contextual targeting on linear TV. With the shift to Connected TV, however, these concerns have been addressed. Connected TV offers:

  1. Precision Targeting: Rooted in digital, CTV offers precise targeting. For B2B businesses, this means efficiently reaching your target audience, with the ability to drill down to attributes like job title or job function. Impressions are no longer wasted with broad contextual targeting by show or network.
  2. Video Creative: Social marketers can repurpose the video creatives they are already using on LinkedIn and other social networks to make the jump to CTV. If video isn’t available, there are now non-agency solutions that make video a viable option for B2B businesses without the creative agency premiums. More on this in a minute.
  3. Measurement: Another benefit of those digital roots? A real-time reporting dashboard so you can measure the impact of your campaigns. Connected TV offers cross-device measurement to track site visits and conversions. These are deduplicated from other channels, such as social and LinkedIn, so you can measure the true impact of CTV.

In a crowded social landscape with B2B advertisers competing for attention with the same social tactics, CTV offers the opportunity for you to differentiate and drive a true, measurable impact on your KPIs.

Social Marketers Will Find Launching on CTV as Straightforward as Any New Social Channel

Launching on Connected TV is not only easy, but it also closely mirrors the setup of social platforms like LinkedIn. As a social marketer, once you’ve mastered your craft, it’s easy to apply your skills to the newest platform that your audience is using. The same is true for CTV.

First things first, you need to define your campaign parameters, just like you would on LinkedIn. This will include flight dates, as well as campaign goals and budget.

Next, select your target audience. MNTN Performance TV has thousands of audiences to target, including key B2B audiences. Here, you can pull directly from your LinkedIn campaigns, selecting the top-performing audiences to reach on the TV screen.

Finally, add your creative. This doesn’t have to be a million-dollar 30-second spot created for a Super Bowl campaign. You can repurpose your LinkedIn videos. This allows you to get started testing CTV today. As you see the results from your initial tests, you can then explore testing new formats for the TV screen.

Video Creative Does Not Need to Be a Barrier

If you don’t have video readily available, don’t panic. Services like Quickframe by MNTN allow you to fit video creative into your budget, without the premiums.

Quickframe’s Marketplace will allow you to connect with a creator team who is experienced in making the exact type of CTV ad creative you need. You’ll have access to B2B creative experts who can capture your message and brand voice, creating highly engaged and effective video ads. And since you’ll be avoiding the creative agency overhead, you can use your budget to produce various versions for A/B testing, as well as for creative refreshes over the course of the year. 

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Eric will be sharing his insights on launching CTV ad campaigns, as well as tips on how to maintain these campaigns after launch. Be sure to sign up for the Ascent Webinar “The LinkedIn Marketer’s Guide to CTV” to learn from an insider.