Local Marketing, Streaming Service Promotions, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Local Marketing, Streaming Service Promotions, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There is a lot to cover this week in digital marketing news. So to make it easier for you to keep on top of the most important stories, we compiled a list of interesting headlines breaking this week.

In digital marketing news, marketing teams have begun evaluating how their strategies for the new year have been working. A new survey from Location3 reveals that local marketing has been a priority for many brands this year, and 87% have allocated funds for their local advertising campaigns, with 28.6% increasing their local budgets over last year and 32.9% keeping their budgets the same. According to the survey, the biggest challenge that these businesses cited was knowing that the money they spend on digital ad campaigns is actually working to drive revenue from local sources. This hasn’t stopped them from investing in digital though –– 92% of business owners plan to continue their digital marketing efforts this year. 

And in Connected TV news, many premium video streaming platforms have been upping their game and investing in promotions for their services. According to a new article from Mediapost, the amount that these services have spent on paid ads over the last three months has risen by 47%, reaching $910 million in paid advertising and media value from promos on TV networks. This in part due to the rapidly approaching awards season, but these services also reported the influx of new entrants to the streaming world as a reason to advertise their services. The biggest spenders over this period were Disney+ at $72.8 million, Amazon Prime Video ($58.6 million), and Apple TV ($56.5 million). And considering that both Netflix and Disney+ dominated the recent Golden Globes with 15 awards between the two of them, it looks like these campaigns are only just getting started. 

Here’s the rest of the marketing headlines that caught our eye this week.


Where Marketers Plan To Spend Local Budgets In 2021 – A survey of more than 200 business owners focused on gaining insight into their marketing strategies in 2021. The biggest challenge cited by local businesses is needing to know that the money they spend on digital advertising is working to drive revenue for their businesses.

AI in Digital Marketing: Separating the Facts From the Fiction – A wide range of products and solutions leverage artificial intelligence in innovative and exciting ways. Here’s how today’s marketing leaders can identify and leverage these impressive tools.

Adapt or Die: How to Thrive Amid Digital-Marketing Chaos – Marketing is a constantly and rapidly evolving field, so entrepreneurs need to keep up in order to remain competitive and profitable.

The Power of Visual Communication in Digital Marketing – Visual communication is crucial for brands that aim to establish trust-based relationships with a target audience. These insights may help your company build your visual content right and interact with consumers creatively. 

Demand For Brand Purpose Has Never Been Higher – In an ever-evolving era of radical visibility, technology and media have matured to give individuals the capability to voice and stand behind their convictions in front of a massive audience.


Roku Acquires Nielsen’s Advanced Video Ad Unit, Companies Form Alliance To Boost Streaming Targeting – In a move that will bolster Roku’s advertising capabilities, the streaming company has acquired Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising unit.

Disney Shows Off New Programmatic Offerings Ahead of Upfront  – Disney is serious about changing the way it does business with marketers, and it’s making a serious effort to expand its advanced advertising transactions in this year’s upfront. 

Golden Globes: Netflix Dominates; Streamers Take Most TV Wins – Netflix dominated this year’s Golden Globes, with nine wins across television and movies, and streaming services as a whole took home more than 70% of the television awards.

Video Streamers Record 47% Higher Paid Ads In Last 3 Months – Premium video streamers’ national TV efforts have risen dramatically over the last three months –– 47% higher in estimated paid spending and media value from TV on-air promos.


TikTok Agrees To $92 Million Privacy Settlement – Social video app TikTok has agreed to pay $92 million to settle claims that it violated a wide range of data protection laws, including the federal video privacy law and an Illinois law regarding biometric information.

Twitter Remodels The House – A new feature from Twitter will provide the ability for users to charge their followers for access to additional content, while another would offer the ability to create and join groups based around specific interests.

Can you run a marketing campaign through your smartphone?  – There are many things business people can do with modern web-enabled devices. Can you launch and track a marketing campaign using only your six-inch-screened device? The answer is yes.

8 Best Phone Marketing Tips For Better Lead Generation – Due to the surge of smartphone production, successful businesses are experiencing an all-time high in their sales, which begs the question, ‘how are they doing it?’ 


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.