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    Connected TV

    Make Connected TV Advertising a Permanent Fixture in Your Digital Ad Strategy

    Check out our webinar recap and learn why Connected TV should be applied to your evergreen campaigns and upcoming seasonal events.

    Make Connected TV Advertising a Permanent Fixture in Your Digital Ad Strategy

    3 Min Read

    If you weren’t able to tune into our webinar yesterday, click here for the full webinar recording. We’ll be running a monthly series of webinars throughout the whole year, so sign up to our mailing list so you don’t miss the next one.

    Why Are Cable Subscribers Migrating to Ad-Supported Streaming?

    There’s a sea change in how people perceive streaming content, and if you’re an advertiser – now is your opportunity. Viewers aren’t only cutting the cord because of the upsides of an on-demand viewing environment – they’re also doing so because they are cost conscious. Think about it: an average monthly cable subscription costs around $100, compared to a monthly $6 to $12 streaming subscription with ads. Ads are a way to help reduce these streaming subscription fees, and 71% of viewers prefer free or lower-cost ad supported models and consider this a “fair trade”, versus linear TV ads that are not only pricier (for advertisers), but viewed as a burden. Unlike on linear TV, streaming (or Connected TV, as we say) advertisers have the ability to both target and serve ads that are relevant to the user and aligned with their interests. But that’s just the beginning.

    MNTN Performance TV Unlocks Connected TV’s Potential

    Connected TV is not a performance channel by default, so advertisers need to heed caution when looking for the right technology to drive their goals. In parallel, since Connected TV is relatively new in the digital advertising ecosystem, there’s a lot to educate brands and advertisers of its value as a performance player. Should CTV advertising only be reserved for a ‘once a year’ kind of brand splash like the Superbowl? What about big seasonal kick-offs like the holiday season? The answer is both ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ to these questions. Yes, because it’s a great way to help drive brand recall, conversions and all of the other metrics that matter most during these big spend periods. No, because it holds much more value beyond a seasonal brand campaign. You’d actually be doing your brand a disservice by not keeping your Connected TV campaigns ‘on’ all year round.

    Learn from our very own MNTN experts as they dive into our own Performance TV solution and how you can apply it year round, as well as prepare for the biggest shopping seasons of the year:

    • Using Performance TV to drive a clear and consistent message across TV and other household devices
    • Best practices around Performance TV Prospecting and Retargeting campaigns
    • Connected TV seasonal strategies: Timing, Budgeting, Targeting and Creative
    • Why Cross-Device measurement and attribution is crucial
    • How to prepare your Connected TV campaigns for Mother’s Day and Summer Sales

    Lastly, we wrap it all up with some Q&A from our audience, which you’ll definitely not want to miss. If you’re a little crunched for time, we’ve provided a few teasers here leading up to our webinar with some tips and thought starters you can action immediately. Enjoy!