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Manage CTV Like a Social Marketing Wiz

A quick tip from MNTN’s own marketing manager that you can start using today

Manage CTV Like a Social Marketing Wiz

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Social marketers are talented in the art of optimization. A key audience doesn’t convert? Cut it. A campaign is exceeding performance marketing KPIs? Boost it. While traditionally TV has been an (expensive) upfront commitment that meant you sent your ad off into the wild and let it run its course, Connected TV allows for marketers to optimize throughout the campaign, similar to social channels.

Eric Hatzenbuhler, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, is our own social and CTV wiz, with years of experience making the best tweaks to maximize impact. Below is just one of his tips for managing CTV campaigns. Eric will be sharing more insights into making the jump from social advertising to CTV with Ascent.

Slow and Steady is the Key to Stellar Ad Budget Management

One of the benefits of social advertising is the real-time reporting that allows for mid-campaign optimizations. Rather than sinking your full ad budget into a less than ideal strategy, you are able to shift budgets to the best-performing strategies.

In that same vein, you should be making regular adjustments to your CTV campaigns to maximize your ad budget. While these adjustments are crucial to get the most out of your ad budgets, Eric suggests a slow and steady approach. 

First, make a schedule of when to check your campaigns. Eric prefers checking mid-month and then again at the end of each month. Should you see places that need adjustments, shift your budgets slowly to make sure you can measure the full impact of the change. It may be tempting to dump your full budget into the best-performing audiences or campaigns, but it takes some time to see the true effect of the budget shift.

Be Mindful of the Effects of a Shifting Budget on Frequency

As you shift your budgets, be sure to keep an eye on the frequency. Adding additional budget to specific strategies can cause a dramatic increase in the frequency your ad is being shown to your target audience. We’ve all sat through those repetitive ads and it’s a quick way to annoy that viewer you’ve worked so hard to reach.

This is especially true for account-based marketing (ABM) and retargeting campaigns. These audiences are often smaller than broader prospecting campaigns so it can be easy to push the frequency up to unfavorable rates. During those bi-monthly adjustments, be sure to keep an eye on those metrics as well.  

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This is just one tip Eric uses to build successful CTV campaigns. To learn more about how to take your social marketing skills to the largest screen in the house, be sure to register for the webinar “The LinkedIn Marketer’s Guide to Connected TV” in partnership with Ascent.