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MNTN + Quora Digest

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With the rise of Connected TV advertising, marketers need to learn a lot about the fastest growing ad channel—and quickly. That’s why we’ve compiled the top questions and answers from Quora, where experts address complex questions, into a digest for a quick breakdown on what marketers need to know most. See what marketers are asking, and what the experts have to say.

Top Quora Q&As

Q. Why do television advertisements not have more interactive CTAs (eg., press “buy” on your tv remote to process payment for your Dawn detergent)? Isn’t this a no brainer for the advertisers, and the telecoms?

A. The advent of Connected TV relies on performance data and user behavior to redefine television as a conversion channel. Unlike teleshopping and QR codes, it takes a more subtle approach – but that doesn’t make it any less effective at driving conversions.

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Q. What is the penetration of Connected TV in the world?

A. More than half of households globally have access to an internet connected TV, and as the proportion of households cutting the cord is forecasted to increase by 44%, CTV programmatic ad spend increased by 70% from the start of 2020 to the end of the year.

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Q. Why is television advertising sometimes a little different on streaming platforms like YouTube TV?

A. There are a few quirks that come with advertising on YouTube TV, such as skippability hacks, and overserved ads. Not all hope is lost, however. Learn how CTV ad platforms like MNTN combat some issues where other ad platforms stumble.

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Q. Do you think that TV networks will disappear and streaming services will take over completely?

A. We don’t really see either of these disappearing, instead an intersection of the two, where streaming television meets traditional TV networks. Trends already point in that direction, as linear TV viewership has halved within the last three years alone.

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Q. With the rise of use of streaming devices instead of live TV watching, how can advertisers make a change to better serve their audience?

A. How to balance performance goals with delivering a premium ad experience? CTV marketing platforms like MNTN have been fine tuned to reflect consumer habit and drive performance without sacrificing brand awareness or ad quality.

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