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    Connected TV

    MNTN + Quora Digest

    Answers to the top Connected TV questions found on Quora

    MNTN + Quora Digest

    2 Min Read

    With the rise of CTV advertising, marketers need to learn a lot about the fastest growing ad channel—and quickly. That’s why we’ve compiled the top questions and answers from Quora, where experts address complex questions, into a digest for a quick breakdown on what marketers need to know most. See what marketers are asking, and what the experts have to say.

    Top Quora Q&As

    Q. Has the over abundance of television commercials destroyed the entertainment value of watching television?

    A. No, if anything – it encourages healthy competition between brands to stand out more…think survival of the fittest. Also, an overabundance of television commercials are more likely to occur on linear or broadcast television, instead of streaming TV.

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    Q. How much does it cost to run a one-minute-long commercial on TV?

    A. This depends on what networks you’re advertising, how many people and who you’re targeting. Streaming TV advertising spends your budget efficiently, fueled by machine learning, to deliver your ads to networks and audiences that are likely to convert and engage with your brand.

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    Q. With streaming services available, will cable TV become obsolete in few years?

    A. A recent report from Variety, cited 65.3 million pay TV users at the end of Q1 2021 – that’s a 7.2% decline from the previous year. Meanwhile, the streaming TV sector gained 2.2 million subscribers YoY, driven in part by pricing and other options.

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    Q. Have you figured out a way to avoid watching TV commercials?

    A. Two options – either don’t watch television at all (could you imagine a world without television?!), or subscribe to an ad-free streaming service (expensive). Unfortunately, there’s a huge trade off by picking one or the other. There is, of course, a middle ground.

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    Q. Is there any analysis done on the likability of advertisements before releasing them on television? Most ads we are forced to watch seem to be of poor taste.

    A. The verdict is in – television advertisements are likeable. Multiple studies show that TV ads capture more visual attention, create more positive emotions and have a stronger impact on implicit long-term memory.

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