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MNTN + Quora Digest

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With the rise of Connected TV ads, marketers need to learn a lot about the fastest growing ad channel—and quickly. That’s why we’ve compiled the top questions and answers from Quora, where experts address complex questions, into a digest for a quick breakdown on what marketers need to know most.

See what marketers are asking, and what the experts have to say.

Top Quora Q&As

Q. What is the next wave of innovation in Connected TV advertising?

A. Ever thought that the prestige and engagement of TV advertising could be entirely measured and tracked? That time has come. Imagine keeping your audience’s eyes glued to the screen with compelling television commercials, and secondly track your ads’ impact and measure the actions viewers take after seeing them – be it visiting your website or even purchasing from your ecommerce store. MNTN Performance TV Advertising turns this into a reality.

Welcome to the next wave of innovation in Connected TV advertising, where TV is transformed into a direct-response channel. Advertisers can launch retargeting or prospecting campaigns, target first party or third party audiences, and measure their results — all from a single intuitive platform. We break down those steps in the following link.

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Q. How did the launch of online streaming services affect television advertisements?

A. Television will never be the same again, thanks to the introduction of online streaming (otherwise known as Connected TV). Now, viewers are spoiled with an endless variety of content to choose from, and are finding less use for their cable or satellite services as a result. A recent study by SurveyMonkey found that 60% of viewers that bundle together cable/satellite and streaming services are thinking of cutting the cord in the next 12 months, and only 16% of viewers prefer to watch satellite TV.

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Q. Why would any company advertise on old-fashioned TV when you can measure accurately the response to online advertising?

A. We’re glad you asked! We’re no stranger to old-fashioned TV (otherwise known as Linear TV) versus online advertising battleground, and recently dedicated a blog post to it. The world of online advertising isn’t only limited only to display ads, or paid search – it goes well beyond that. Nowadays, television can also be considered as a direct-response channel, but not in the way that you may think. Linear TV may be suitable for advertisers looking to generate only brand awareness, but in today’s modern times, this is simply not enough. Accountability and results cannot be overlooked, and marketers must always find a way to justify their budget in order to know what is driving the bottom line. In other words, marketing isn’t only about branding but performance too. This is where Connected TV steps in, a form of television that serves content via internet connection and unlocks a breadth of content otherwise not available on Linear TV.

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Q. What is the best platform to use for video marketing?

A. Connected TV is typically boxed into the video marketing category, but you’ll shortly find out why it’s so much more than that. In fact, we’ve created our own little sandbox to play in – with a robust set of features that go well beyond what a traditional video marketing platform can offer.

MNTN is a pioneer in the digital advertising space, and introduced performance marketing to television to deliver brand and performance campaigns through its Performance TV platform. If you’re looking to tell a better brand story that drives bottom line results, consider adding Connected TV to your digital marketing repertoire. Here’s why it’s a game changer.

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Q. What are the differences between TV ads and Internet ads?

A. TV and internet ads are similar in many ways – but TV comes up on top for its ability to drive a brand narrative that resonates long after an ad has been viewed. If you thought you couldn’t track and measure your TV ads like you can do your internet ads—think again. Television advertising, or to be more precise, Connected TV advertising, is a way for advertisers to get the best of both worlds – the engagement and brand recall of TV, combined with all of the bells and whistles that matter most to a performance marketer. Track, measure and report on your Connected TV ads in the same way as your other digital marketing channels. The only difference is that combined with the power of TV, advertisers (and users alike) are in for an ad experience they will never forget.

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