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    What Makes Us Different

    Performance Marketing Comes to Television

    Unlock television’s performance potential by combining the impact and prestige of TV advertising with a suite of optimization, attribution, and targeting that delivers results at massive scale.

    We’ve transformed Connected TV from a brand marketing channel to one that functions like paid search and social—allowing you to launch self-managed campaigns that focus on conversions and revenue.

    MNTN is the future of TV and direct-response advertising.

    Learn how to better drive performance for your digital campaigns with this full-funnel solution.

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      Mark Your Calendars

      Need in-depth analysis? Join the industry’s top experts as we explore the trends, data, and insights that define Connected TV advertising.

      Up Next

      How (and Why) CTV is Driving Growth for Retail Mobile Apps

      Mobile apps are big business for retailers. How big? We’re talking billions of dollars and hours spent every month. So naturally, you want your target audience downloading and engaging with your app. But how do you reach them? With Connected TV, retail brands are delivering the right ads to the right audience – beamed onto their living room TV while they watch with a mobile device in hand (we call it “second screen behavior”).

      Join Dan Terek, Director of CTV/OTT Strategy at MNTN, and Larissa Klitzke, Senior Product Marketing Manager at AppsFlyer on Tuesday, September 21st at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT. Together, Dan and Larissa will explore the importance of retail mobile apps in today’s market – and how CTV can target your ideal customer, drive downloads, and measure campaign performance in ways you never imagined.



      September 21, 2021

      2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT

      Presented by:


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