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The Big Screen Isn't Just for Big Brands

To prove it, we went to the small business capital of America and teamed up with Noteworthy Paper & Press, a local stationery store, to see what would deliver more bang for their buck: a local “Big Game” ad? Or MNTN Performance TV?

As they say, the scoreboard doesn’t lie.

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The Next Gen of Performance TV Has Arrived

Tons of upgrades, with one goal: making The Hardest Working Software in Television™ work even harder.

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MNTN X Stagwell @ CES

Fresh off our newly announced partnership, MNTN’s Mark Douglas and Stagwell’s Mark Penn joined Bloomberg to talk shop and compare notes on the floor of CES.

Listen in on their chat about getting the world's largest brands on the performance train, chasing "the holy grail of complete measurement," and forecasting AI's impact on Adland in the year ahead.

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MNTN is one of Ad Age’s Best Places to Work 2024

At MNTN, we love what we do, who we do it with, and where we do it. Thank you, Ad Age, for validating our feelings.

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MNTN Partners with BWT Alpine F1® Team

Everyone wants to slap their logo on the hood of a race car — but how many can actually keep up with one?

MNTN is now an official partner of BWT Alpine F1® Team. Between their 950-horsepower A523 racing engine and our 651,000-optimizations-a-day Performance TV engine, we’re ready to show the world just how quickly brands can start driving serious performance with Connected TV campaigns — no pit stops necessary.

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Meet Seymour Roas

As far back as he can remember, MNTN Chief Performance Officer Seymour Roas has been obsessed with optimization. As a child, he crafted the most efficient pinewood derby car in town. In college, everyone wanted him and his perfect notes in their study groups. Then he discovered the art of performance advertising — and has since dedicated his life to ensuring marketers get the best possible return on ad spend.

If you’re all about performance advertising, you’re going to want to meet Seymour.

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The Hottest Demo Ever

Ryan Reynolds and Steve-O team up for MNTN’s hottest demo yet, showing it’s never been easier for any brand to launch a TV campaign across top streaming networks.

Watch Steve-O burn through a demo of MNTN’s Performance TV software as he uploads his own TV spot for Steve-O’s Hot Sauce For Your Butthole— all while eating a Carolina Reaper.

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MNTN Named Fast Company’s Next Big Thing in Tech

We’re on a roll! First, we introduced Next Gen Performance TV. Now, Fast Company has recognized MNTN as the Next Big Thing in Tech. Coincidence? We think not.

Shout out to everyone making us — and Performance TV — big, from the MNTN team to our advertisers and partners.

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MNTN CEO Named Tech Innovator of the Year

When you’re transforming TV advertising, you’re bound to win an award or two.

“Performance marketers just want to find their next consumer and were totally reliant on Meta and Google,” said MNTN President and CEO Mark Douglas. “Now they can use MNTN to reach those same consumers and do it on television for the first time. That’s a huge innovation on TV and that’s why MNTN and I were named tech innovator of the year.”

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