Omnichannel Marketing, Facebook Political Ads, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Omnichannel Marketing, Facebook Political Ads, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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As we enter the second half of 2020, there is a lot to cover in digital marketing news. To make it easier for you to keep on top of the most important stories, we compiled a list of the most interesting headlines from this week. 

This week in digital marketing news, brands are looking for new ways to appeal to the customers whose behavior has changed in light of the pandemic. The general workforce has become more distributed and remote, and many consumers are using a multitude of devices to make purchasing decisions. In an article published this week, SmartBrief recommends that any brand looking to maximize their brand awareness and sales should be employing an omnichannel marketing campaign. This approach would allow marketers to target prospective customers across all of their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even streaming devices – leading to a fully expressed brand story. SmartBrief even found that brands which use three or more channels experience a 287% higher purchase rate. So if you aren’t look to expand into new channels with your marketing strategies for the the second half of the year, you are missing out on conversions. 

In other news, Facebook will be allowing users to turn off political ad content across their facebook and instagram apps. This feature will be rolled out in the next couple weeks, and seems to be Facebook’s response to the criticism they have received for running political ads with false information in the past. Facebook will also be rolling out their “Voting Information Center” feature, which will provide information on polling sites and site-specific facts for voters in this upcoming election. Marketers should look to moves like these and consider how they too can be more effective and helpful advocates for their consumers.

Here are the rest of the marketing headlines that caught our eye this week. 


How to Boost the Productivity of a Remote Digital Marketing Team – In this time, Digital Marketing as a whole is hugely affected. Marketing teams are working from home, and most workplaces have all entered into a remote world.

Omnichannel marketing in the new digital age – Despite an expedited shift towards digital, marketers cannot ignore the importance of a holistic view of the path to purchase, and need to create an effective omnichannel marketing program in this post-COVID-19 world.

Covid Drives Digital As Marketers Pivot Into Stronger And Leaner Roles – Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital tools among companies and customers. 85% of marketers report an increased openness among customers to their digital offerings than before the pandemic. 

End-to-End Optimization of Your Digital Marketing Funnel – In a complex consumer environment, the marketing funnel helps you map these touchpoints, marketing strategies and user actions to different stages of the consumer journey. 

Top 5 Digital Marketing Solutions to Attract, Retain Customers – A business needs to work hard to build loyal customers. If you want to drive more customers and grow your business then check out this post.  


Marketers must make up their minds about Connected TV – The role of Connected TV in the advertising mix is a hot topic across our industry, and, in particular, there are discussions about the need to be able to measure its impact as part of the full media mix. 

Connected TV Viewing Is Not Returning To Pre Pandemic Levels – The COVID-19 pandemic has quickened the consumer adoption of several media channels including Connected TV. Nielsen recently released a report that says CTV viewing has remained above pre-pandemic levels.

Google’s upcoming ‘Sabrina’ Android TV device to offer low-latency game mode – Earlier this month XDA Developers released details and a marketing video from pre-release firmware destined to run on the device.

How Connected TV Ads Help SMBs Recover from Crisis – As enterprises across the country start to reopen, they need to take advantage of all the advertising tools at their disposal. One medium that will be especially helpful in this regard is Connected TV. 

Report: Connected TV advertising shows promise in EU – The report offers an inside look at some of the opportunities around the adoption of CTV, including the decline of linear TV, introduction of data, leaned-in viewership and targeting efficiencies.


Spotify unveils self-service video ads – Spotify added video advertising to its Ad Studio self-serve advertising platform, giving marketers a way to place video ads in streaming content. 

Facebook to allow voters to turn off political ads – This feature will enable users to turn off all social issue, electoral or political ads from candidates, Super PACs or other organizations that have the “Paid for by” political disclaimer on them.

Shopper Engagement Up With Mobile E-commerce Apps, Report Finds – The cost to acquire a new shopper who completes a purchase is now at $19.47–half of what it was a year ago, according to the 2020 Mobile Shopping Apps Report. 

TikTok invests $2.8M in #LearnOnTikTok short-form learning and entertainment program – TikTok has announced a $2.8M investment to launch #LearnOnTikTok, as part of the platform’s first steps to evolve into a place for short-form learning and entertainment.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.